Work Experience

Over the course of the year, we have been asked on several occasions whether we can facilitate work experience. Unfortunately, due to client commitments we haven’t been able to commit to facilitating despite a desire to do so. However, we did agree that we must run at least one work experience module before the end of 2022. As with most things, ‘timing is everything’, and two weeks ago, a law firm and partner of ours approached us in regard to providing a basic package for two of its junior employees. The aim being to provide them with an understanding of the various skills and services we provide so they are better informed when such topics as TSCM (bug sweeping), cyber and surveillance come up and are discussed within the law firm environment. Clearly most people have a general idea of what these topics and services entail but don’t have a good understanding of the practical (on the ground) application especially in regard to surveillance and investigations (reality versus myth). So, all being well and depending on client commitments we will run our first Valkyrie work experience package in October. We have already devised a skeleton programme that will cover overviews and theory lessons but the main aim is to get our two ‘students’ practical/hands-on experience with a series of mini exercises such as creating a briefing (target) pack on their own office with a view to briefing a surveillance team, start with the basic theory followed by OSINT and on the ground activity e.g. walk pasts gaining imagery.

As always any thoughts or suggestions most welcome. We will let you know how it goes and share any lesson identified.

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