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Over the past few weeks, the Valkyrie team has tackled a variety of challenging and unique projects that required our full range of investigative and security expertise.

One recent highlight was a comprehensive surveillance training program. The team relocated from London for three weeks to deliver intensive training on covert surveillance techniques, covering theoretical, practical, and technical aspects of secure communications. The program’s success was evident from the positive client feedback.

On the investigation and surveillance front, we managed several complex assignments. These included a challenging case in Southern Italy and locating a vulnerable individual in Northern Scotland, both requiring rigorous investigation, coordination and consideration of the clients unique needs. We also addressed a potential extortion incident for a family office principal, identifying various online and physical risks. Our remediation efforts included an exposure assessment and awareness training on physical and cyber threats for the family.

Our cyber and forensics team managed multifaceted projects across various assignments. Our TSCM (Technical Surveillance Countermeasures) team remains in high demand, being engaged in response to various client needs; including addressing a significant insider threat and conducting aircraft sweeps and digital forensic collections in Switzerland and France to check for indicators of compromise (IoC).

Reflecting on all this activity, we’ve gained valuable insights. Key takeaways include both new and familiar lessons:

  • Integrated Services: The demand for combined physical and cyber security solutions is growing, making an integrated approach standard.
  • Planning and Collaboration: Thorough planning, advance reconnaissance, and strong collaboration with local and international partners are essential for success.
  • Preparation and Awareness: Engaging advisors early and staying informed about emerging risks enhance client resilience and threat mitigation.
  • Communication: Effective communication is vital with clients, within our team, and during training.
  • Technology Integration and Adaptability: Leveraging advanced technology and quickly adapting to changing situations enhance our investigative and security capabilities.
  • Client Education: Educating clients on best practices improves their security posture and reduces incident likelihood.
  • Post-Action Review: Conduct detailed reviews and address areas needing improvement. Honest evaluations drive continuous improvement.

If our work interests you and you have the relevant skills, we will be recruiting in the near future. Please drop the team a line at

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