Women Are More Successful

Women are more successful


The total number of high net worth individuals (HNWI) continues to grow at the significant rate of around 5% per year, with 15.4 million HNWIs around the world. Last year’s figures (2020) show there are now almost 39,000 women around the world that fall into the Ultra-High Net-Worth (UHNW) category (those that have a net worth of $30m or more) – bottom line, women are getting richer and more powerful. This is almost 15% of the total, a record-high share. But it’s also a reflection of the imbalance between men and women in this sector. The picture is slightly better for younger women – for those UHNW individuals under 50 the figure is almost 1 in 5 but there is still some way to go before the gender split is truly in balance. Yet as women become wealthier, their influence is growing. They are beginning to redefine areas that have traditionally been focused on, and dominated by, men. Women have more financial power than ever before, with more than 60% of the UK’s wealth expected to be in their hands by 2025. The growing number of wealthy women can be put down to a range of factors, including new trends in global wealth distribution, shifts in cultural attitudes and more intergenerational wealth transfers. But another factor in the growing number of UHNW women has been the rise of female entrepreneurship.


In recent months Valkyrie have seen an up-take in the requirement for security service for HNW Women. Yes, in the main, female HNWI face the same threats/risks as men – from cyber risks to criminality to Employee-Related-Risks to reputation issues. However, security requirements for women can and do differ from that of men and they need to be assessed and implemented from a female perspective – at Valkyrie we always apply a unique mind-set when developing the security/safety structures for all our female clients to ensure they work for the individuals concerned.


Valkyrie fully understand that threats to personal security and reputation can surface in a variety of ways. This can range from opportunistic street crime to targeted criminal planning and obsessive stalkers, as well harassment, extortion, blackmail, bribery and cyber-attacks. In addition, medical emergencies, accidents, kidnap and even natural disasters can leave you and your loved ones vulnerable. Valkyrie delivers a market-leading solution by implementing a proactive, pre-emptive and preventative risk management programme that not only protects you, but everything – and, most importantly, everyone – that you hold dear.


Our objective is to recommend a security strategy that provides the required personal protection to enable our female Clients to enjoy a balanced, safe and secure lifestyle. Our specialist services include Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM – more commonly known as ‘bug sweeping’), Investigations and Surveillance, Access Control, Household Security and Management, Chaperones, Close Protection Officers, Security Drivers, Security and Cyber Audits.


Valkyrie is a proud member of the HNW Tatler Advisory/address book (Risk Management) – ‘Advisory is Tatler’s trusted network of influential private client experts, all at the pinnacle of their profession. From Family Law to Property, our hub of elite practitioners have the gilt-edged expertise necessary to advise UHNW and HNW individuals….’







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