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The weather is glorious at the moment with the MET office predicting it to continue into the weekend. Yesterday Simon Lincoln and I were visiting a VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED client and during our conversation he mentioned the weather and the fact that during his police career every year there was a noticeable rise in burglaries during hotter days as people tend to leave their windows open to cool offices and houses. These spikes are termed ‘unforced burglaries’ and begin around May and carry on until the end of September, depending on the weather, of course. Open windows and doors are opportunities and opportunity is one of the main drivers for crime.

As you would expect Simon’s key advice is to secure windows when out and at night – risk entering a sauna rather than coming home to your possessions being stolen.

Burglars clearly target windows as they can offer easier (often concealed) access than doors. Check how your windows look from the outside, removing potential access points where/if you can. Are there walls, bins or garden furniture (even ladders) that could be used by burglars to reach and access windows, if there are relocate them. For windows that are within reaching distance such as ground floors, a few suggestions.

1. Laminated glass or security film is recommended for ground floor and any easily accessible windows
2. ‘Sash stoppers’ prevent anyone opening the sash window enough to climb through
3. Key operated locks are recommended for window types that open out, rather than up, and any ground floor or accessible windows. Remember, window locks are only effective if used, so check that you have locked them before you leave home or go to bed
4. Window opening restrictors allow you to ventilate your home but make sure they can’t be picked and unlocked from outside.

If you’re replacing your windows, always consider a security accredited product as these windows are tested to British standards and are insurance approved. A good standard is PAS 24 2016. A locksmith belonging to the Master Locksmiths Association can suggest the correct standard of window lock and offer advice on upgrading window security.

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