Weekend Overseas Tasking

Another weekend overseas tasking, this time a forensic collection – Gatwick looking ‘sort of Christmassy’ on the way out. The client briefed us on the requirement and devices involved. However when we arrived and spoke to the client they had additional devices that needed preserving. What started off as 2 laptops ended up as five devices – 2 laptops, a tablet and 2 mobile phones. This was due to a last-minute change within the court order and the requirements of the collection was also amended to more specific data rather than just a standard collection.

We have written in previous posts about scope and having calls with clients; however, with all things related to onsite work, there is always a risk of something happening which is outside everyone’s control. Luckily, we have a policy to take all equipment on all jobs so we can accommodate last minute changes so all good on the additional requirements. Task planning was one thing but as is often the case we suffered a flight delay due to fog in the UK which resulted in heading back home in some pretty heavy snow conditions, well by UK standards anyway. You can’t plan for everything especially UK weather. Gatwick (and London) definitely looking Christmassy on return??.

Have a great week!

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