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Now that we are coming back to some sort of normality, the VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED teams have been busy with various client engagements. We have seen an increase in work whether it is an investigation, TSCMi or Cyber security consultancy. We believe having all these services in house provide our clients with peace of mind and a holistic review of their security needs; therefore, we have decided to offer a new service line called ‘Cyber Concierge Service’. A description of the service is below.

Valkyrie Cyber Concierge service assists our clients, families and their data from any malicious threats designed to do harm. We provide expert advice tailored to Clients needs and designed to make them more secure when things go wrong, as well as ongoing practical support from digital and physical compromise. We work with our clients to tailor the security needs for:

Mobile, tablet and computers
Home infrastructure
Social media profiles
Implementing secure comms protocols to send and receive sensitive information

Cyber Technical Surveillance & Counter Measures (CTSCM): At Valkyrie, we combine our cyber security with our TSCM inspections. This allows us to provide a unique service to our clients, incorporating cyber techniques with TSCM investigations – thus creating CTSCM. Another unique point about this service is that our cyber team investigates any identified devices in a forensically sound manner. It may also allow us to obtain information from third parties to gain more intelligence about the perpetrator. The TSCM will include the following, and will assist in protecting the ‘spoken word’ and help counter the insider threat and corporate espionage:

Physical Search
Radio Frequency Search
WiFi Scanning
Hidden Camera Equipment
Yachts and Airplanes

Valkyrie’s Cyber team assist Clients supporting them through some of their most critical challenges. If we can assist don’t hesitate to contact us.

E: T: +44 (0) 2074 999 323

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