Valkyrie Cyber Concierge Programme (VCC)

Valkyrie Cyber Concierge Programme (VCC)

We give our clients the peace of mind they deserve

You may not notice when a data breach has occurred. Even if you have been targeted by a criminal, they might not use your data for a few days or even months. BUT any breach of your personal/private sensitive information can cause considerable stress – let alone reputational damage.
Valkyrie Cyber Concierge (VCC Programme) assists our clients, families and their data from any malicious threats designed to do harm. We provide expert advice tailored to your needs and designed to make you more secure when things go wrong, as well as ongoing practical support from digital and physical compromise.

We work with our clients to tailor the security needs for:
Your mobile, tablet and computers
Home infrastructure
Social media profiles
Implementing secure comms protocols to send and receive sensitive information

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