TSCMi ‘Antiques’

In a previous post on 28th March this year, I mentioned Valkyrie were conducting an audit of our TSCMi equipment and posted an image of a ‘search mirror’ set which is designed for viewing inaccessible areas. Our Logistics Manager, Colin Clark is responsible for storing and, if required, disposing of redundant equipment. Yesterday, Colin sent me some images of a few more dated items he has unearthed in our store. Amongst the latest boxes were a collection of old ‘secure’ mobile phones, jammers, remote controls, phone-line testing kits, and wireless cameras. But, my two latest favourites are the various ‘spyfinders’ for identifying hidden cameras, and an Allen manufactured Interscope (endoscope) for searching in small gaps and cracks. However, the items that made me smile the most were the batteries we found still in good condition, some of which are very likely ‘modern day antiques’! I especially like the ‘Ever Ready’ BLUE PP3B which unless I’m mistaken dates back to the late 70’s/early 80’s. The aim of sifting through all our old equipment is to place the best and most interesting items on show in our conference/training room at 15 Belgrave Square for our guests and clients to enjoy.

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