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Last month we delivered our first basic training course in Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM).

The aim of this two-day course is to provide attendees with the ability to understand and carry out basic physical TSCM assessments. By understanding the principles of TSCM, attendees will be able to conduct initial searches of sensitive areas.

The objectives of the course are to understand and be aware of the espionage and eavesdropping threats, ensure attendees understand the technical eavesdropping threat and how to mitigate it and conduct initial room searches

This classroom-based course will lead attendees through the physical and technical countermeasures survey process. The course will run through evaluating the threat, producing a survey procedure, conducting a physical and basic electronic inspection, right through to producing a report, complete with recommendations for improving information security.

The course will also touch on the cross-over with Cyber security and how some techniques in Cyber Security can be used to lower the risk of a security breach and enhance the TSCM offering.

The course is very much hands-on and involves a number of practical scenarios based within an office environment.

The course is aimed at those involved with security and TSCM operations and anyone with the responsibility for securing sensitive sites or information, conducting physical TSCM surveys within their organisation and personnel tasked with employing the services of a third party to conduct TSCM surveys on their behalf.

You will learn awareness of espionage/eavesdropping threats, the principles of TSCM, concealment/attack techniques and threats to buildings and telephone systems. Able to conduct a basic room search, present findings, produce a report including recommendations that could mitigate the threats identified

The 2 day training course can be delivered at a client’s premises, at an external training venue or the Valkyrie office.

If you are interested in the next course (dates TBC) do get in touch

E:  security@valkyrie.co.uk | +44 (0) 2074 999 323

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