TSCM Debrief

The VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED Cyber-TSCM team were busy last week conducting several taskings. There have been some interesting findings throughout the week which we will post about in the coming days; however, on a TSCM sweep over the weekend in central London the client requested a debrief post the inspection on what had been completed, our findings and immediate recommendations. Generally, clients wait to receive the inspection-report and we then discuss our findings/recommendations but with this tasking the client wanted a more hands-on proactive approach which is always great to see. This particular client was moving into new offices which had been fully refurbished. The client was particularly interested in the WiFi access points they had deployed as the company had had issues previously in this area. So, after a long night completing the inspection and after several strong coffees Gurpreet Thathy provided the client with a comprehensive brief covering all aspects of the inspection – physical, cyber/WiFi and technical.

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