The London Riots 2011

This weekend marks the eleventh anniversary of the London riots. These were a series of riots between 6 and 11 August 2011. Thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across England, which saw looting, arson, as well as mass deployment of police and the deaths of five people.

From 8 to 11 August, other towns and cities in England saw what was described by the media as “copycat violence”, with social media playing a role. By 10 August, more than 3,003 arrests had been made across England, with more than 1,984 people issued with criminal charges for various offences related to the riots. Initially, courts sat for extended hours. There were a total of 3,443 crimes across London that were linked to the disorder. Along with the five deaths, at least 16 others were injured as a direct result of related violent acts. An estimated £200 million worth of property damage was incurred.

I still remember vividly how quickly the riots erupted, especially with the considerable social media and news coverage it was achieving. Ultimately the 2011 riots were a sad time for the country especially London and it’s an example of how quickly situations can quickly deteriorate, gain momentum and escalate. Hopefully we won’t see the like of these events again.

As a reminder, always stay away from a situation which has the potential to turn violent, but if you do get caught up in a riot or a protest which has the potential to erupt, please take advice from our post of 28th July 2022.

Have a great weekend.

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