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At VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, we are fortunate to work with a diverse client base, including individuals, law firms, companies (large/small) and family offices. A diverse client base highlights the importance of security regardless of the industry. The critical difference is the type of security you need and how much it will protect you, your assets, and your intellectual property and lower your risk.

One industry we are seeing a noticeable uptick in technical services is the construction industry (CI). The CI is continuously evolving with advancements in technology, changes in regulations, and market trends. This year alone we have worked with several clients in the sector and noticed the industry changes that will shape and impact the CI in the coming years. Amongst the many factors involved, technical security is the highest priority due to the increasing desire to utilise technology coupled with the ever-evolving threat landscape—increased reliance on technology results in increased security concerns.

Significant changes and trends in the industry are inevitable and will shape the industry of the future. Companies embracing these trends and tech practices will be better positioned and gain a competitive advantage. However, when adopting new trends, organisations must have security at the forefront regarding electronically stored data. Some of the issues to hand within the industry and from what our clients have spoken to us about are as follows:

1. The Internet of Things (IoT) technology: IoT continues to transform many industries, and the CI is no exception. With connected devices, machines, and sensors, construction sites collect, store, host, and share vast amounts of data

2. Cloud computing: We recently posted about the concerns associated with cloud computing. But reliance on Cloud computing within the CI is inevitable as it offers scalability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness enabling businesses to store and access information on demand. However, with increased reliance comes the increased risk of unauthorised access

3. Data-Analytics: The CI is already ‘data heavy’, but as more and more data is produced the importance of data analytics (DA) cannot be underestimated. DA is a very useful tool allowing the industry to make better-informed decisions. However, with all this data in-situ within the company careful consideration needs to be given to the security of data. If security protocols are not in place, there is the potential for data to be manipulated; thus creating misleading analytical results which can cause serious issues in the decision making process

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