The Bigger Picture

Recently, VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED had a client who was going through a complex divorce from her husband. She had reason to believe that her husband had put eavesdropping devices (bugs) into the family home after he had moved out.

When we conduct a task, we always attempt to gain as much background information as possible or as much as the client is willing to provide so we can fully assess the requirement and ensure we don’t oversee any serious underlying issues; we posted previously about the need to fully ‘scope’ a task (28th Sept). On occasion, to fully understand and scope a task, it involves speaking and listening to the client in detail so the task can be tailored correctly to their individual needs. With this particular task, the main requirement was a TSCM investigation of the property and fortunately no elicit listening/video devices were found. This, of course provided the client with some peace of mind, but it was clear from our initial and subsequent interaction with her that she was very uncomfortable and concerned about the situation she was currently in. In this case the client needed to discuss her concerns and be provided with reassurance and emotional support. All cases are different but cases like this one are clearly sensitive and need to be handled carefully.  I feel sitting down with the individual involved and listening to their concerns is vitally important not only to the individual but also as part of the service, to ensure nothing is overlooked.

From my experience, much of which I’ve gained from many years as a serving police officer, when someone not personally or directly involved in the case comes to assist, the individual often opens up and shows their real, raw emotions; this is exactly what happened in this case. I sat down with the client for around an hour and listened to her concerns and was able to give her advice on home and personal security, contact details of agencies which would be able to help her and general emotional advice and support; all in addition to the TSCM tasking. It was quite apparent she benefitted from the time I spent with her, and she seemed much more relaxed after our discussion.

Our teams have many years of experience gleaned from various backgrounds. When a task is assessed, we always aim to look at and assess the bigger picture and not just focus on the service the client has asked us to provide. Often there are serious underlying issues that are likely to be of more concern further down the road and need to be dealt with. Providing emotional support and guidance and offering the human touch enables us to give a more personal service, which on occasion, clients require.

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