Tatler Editorial – The rise of deepfakes – how UHNWs are protecting their families

Valkyrie was delighted to be asked by the Tatler Address Book to contribute, along with other industry experts, to its recently published article by Annabelle Spranklen titled “The Rise of Deepfakes: How UHNWs Are Protecting Their Families,”. This explores the deepfake trend, how the technology once viewed as entertainment, is now being corrupted and poses a significant threat, from extortion to pornography and the spread of misinformation. With UHNWs increasingly being targeted and anxious about safeguarding their families, experts weigh in on the risks and offer advice on how to mitigate them.

Recommendations from the contributing experts include promoting media literacy among children, setting digital rules, keeping security software updated, and exercising caution when posting online. Furthermore, in the unfortunate event of a child becoming a victim of deepfake-related incidents, it emphasises the importance of providing immediate support to ensure wellbeing and considering legal involvement to halt the spread of harmful content.

Contributing to these discussions and raising awareness of the threats is crucial; it is always an honour for Valkyrie to be part of the conversation alongside esteemed peers addressing these critical issues.


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