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Valkyrie private aircraft security
Valkyrie private aircraft security

The Valkyrie team were busy over the weekend conducting a private aircraft security task at Farnborough Airport. We had to complete several tasks for the client which involved his aircraft. A few weekends back, we did another similar task at one of the main London airports. However, logistics at that location proved to be quite tricky compared to Farnborough, which was really smooth, and the organisation and assistance from that team made our lives very easy. If you need to conduct this type of work and can influence which airport is utilised we would highly recommend Farnborough.

In previous posts we’ve highlighted the importance of scoping and planning especially when tasks are reasonably complicated. We always work closely with the client to ensure all the necessary detail is in place especially around access to the aircraft, equipment clearance and arrival time. However, when dealing with airports, logistics is generally tricky and sometimes things won’t go to plan.

On this private aircraft security task we were also tasked to do several compromise checks on devices on board. However, a crew member had taken one of the devices with him back to his hotel in London so initially we were unable to check that device. We had the departure times for the aircraft in advance and had factored in additional time should a problem such as this occur. We were able to meet with the crew member the next day at the airport prior to departure to preserve the filesystem of the device which allowed us to complete the task and provide the client with a smooth transition.

Overall a success task, the only hiccough being Gurpreet Singh Thathy hadn’t noticed that the aircraft arrival time was in ‘Zulu time,’ so we were nice and early — his excuse was he wanted to ensure we had plenty of time due to likely increased traffic in the London area as King Charles III’s Coronation was taking place. To be fair you couldn’t tell we are in BST as the weather was pretty awful, looking at the error ‘glass half full’ at least the extra hour allowed us to get breakfast before the inspection.

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