Plan B

Plan for the unexpected and always have a plan B

We grow up – inevitably – with a strong attachment to a plan A, that is, an idea of how our lives will go and what we need to do to achieve our particular set of well-defined goals. But experience tells us we should always have a plan B ready should circumstances change.  This manifested itself yesterday when I was with a client in Belgrave Square, taking her to several important and high profile events in central London. A demonstration occurred in the square (spontaneously and without warning) where protesters compromised a mansion very close to our offices.  A mansion apparently owned by a well-known Russian oligarch where the demonstrators were protesting against the Russian war in Ukraine. This resulted in a large Police presence and several road closures.

Plan A was no longer possible, so I quickly reassessed and implemented plan B to be able to chaperone my client safely and securely to her various appointments.

An effective Close Protection Officer (CPO) will always aim to be aware of local issues; it is always better to inform the client of a situation, rather than them informing you!

Due to having a plan B and implementing, I was able to get the client to her various appointments on time and without issue.

Overall, a lesson ‘reidentified’ rather than identified. But an excellent reminder that you should always plan for the unexpected no matter how small or basic the task may appear. Stay informed and up to date of local events that may affect your plans. AND always have a Plan B should the situation or circumstances change – ‘the basics done well’.

Photographs attached were taken by myself during the demonstrations as I assessed impact on itinerary.

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