Photoshoot Tasking

Back in June, we were involved in a photoshoot close by to our offices.  One of our clients was participating in the photoshoot and we accompanied her during the busy and public tasking.

This task reminded me of my time in the police where a film crew were filming on an estate in central London.  They did not have a security or police presence during the filming and after a short break from filming where most of the team disappeared they returned to find several items of expensive and task-critical equipment had been stolen.

Our role in this task was a ‘bit part’ – ensure the safety and security of our client. Although relatively straight forward, prior to the activity we conducted a task-risk-assessment (RA) and liaised with the photoshoot team to ensure they had conducted a more general RA covering all aspects of the activity. This was especially important as the shoot was taking place in a public area next to a busy road.

This tasking passed off without incident and was a success, but it was a timely reminder to me to ensure all the basic requirements are in place, especially when several entities are involved; never assume something has been done by someone else – check on it yourself and confirm it has been completed.

Apart from the most important requirement – the safety and security of the people involved – here are some considerations of what to check prior to the task being executed when involved in this type of operation:

  1. Liaise with all entities involved – assume nothing
  2. Check the local media to ensure no other events are taking place the day/time of your event
  3. Ensure a task-RA has been carried out, ask to see it if you are not responsible for producing
  4. Consider the potential for – public interest, traffic issues, public disorder, stalkers of the individual(s) involved in the shoot, obstruction of the highway/pavements, crowds gathering, autograph hunters etc.
  5. Consider the potential for theft of equipment
  6. Have all administration requirements been considered and covered
  7. And of course, consider the UK weather!

The only down point of the event was Dave was a little disappointed he wasn’t asked to participate in the shoot!

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