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Identity cards (ID) often worn around the neck on lanyards are important for security across several industries and settings. In a corporate setting, your ID card keeps your workplace safe and secure, at an event it helps people identify you, and in other work settings it helps people keep track of stock and payments. With the importance of ID cards for security purposes, keeping the card itself secure when you’re wearing it will ensure you don’t lose your card.

During my daily tube commute into work, I regularly notice people wearing ID cards on lanyards detailing where they work and their name, job title and address of their office.

Only this morning, a young lady was sitting opposite me. Her lanyard clearly stated where she was working. Attached to the lanyard inside a protective cover was her ID card detailing her name and position within the company. If so inclined, I could have found her via social media and gathered information about her – please see our previous post on identity-theft/fraud in Feb 22.

Here at Valkyrie, we suggest the following to keep your ID card safe/secure:

1.      Only wear your ID when needed to protect details – If you don’t need your ID card once you’re in or out the office or at an event remove it and keep it safe e.g., in a bag or secure pocket
2.      Use a neck lanyard or secure badge-reel when wearing your ID (suggest a plain one, avoid company identifying logos)
3.      When you’re not wearing your ID card keep it in a safe place e.g., in a bag or secure pocket. If you do wear it outside the office, tuck the card inside your clothing
4.      Keep your ID card in good condition, so it can be read correctly, and it remains functional – consider protecting it in a badge holder

During my police career, I regularly investigated cases where people had their ID stolen. I also had many cases where people had been stalked by means of getting the victim’s ID from wearing lanyards on public transport. Personal security and safety should be everyone’s top priority at all times – never become complacent.

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