Penetration Testing

What is Physical Penetration Testing:


Physical Penetration Testing (PPT) is a method to test the current security processes and protocols that your company employs and to test the compliance of your staff. It’s an excellent opportunity to test whether your business or organisation is safe or easily accessible to potential threats and vulnerabilities from both outside and inside.  We will not only test your current security protocols by attempting to gain entry into your premises, but we will deliver a comprehensive report outlining recommendations for implementation


Who might benefit from PPT:


Financial institutions

Establishments that want to see if their staff are complying with the security policies

Companies who hold sensitive and/or personal information

Org’s which store items reported/monitored by Schedule 5 of the Crime & Security Act 2001

Establishments that have security processes in place to protect company assets and its staff

Any company who wishes to reduce their insurance premiums by proactively testing

Companies that have a theft culture

You may have servers at your premises and are interested to see if they can be breached

Companies that feel they may be or have been targeted

Org’s which incinerate controlled substances and/or seized contraband

Prove to your client(s) and staff that you are secure in all aspects of your business

Businesses that store harmful chemical or substances

To test your GDPR compliance

Any company who wishes to test how easy or hard it is to gain access to their buildings.


What are the benefits of PPT:


Identify vulnerabilities

Determine the feasibility of particular type of breach

Reduces insurance premiums

Demonstrate you are serious about security and good governance

Keeps your information, assets and staff safe

Reduces the likelihood of a business becoming a victim of crime

Provide evidence to support investment in security


Valkyrie regularly provide PPT in the following locations:


Offices buildings

Data centres

Defence Facilities

Laboratories/Research & Development Facilities

Business Estates

Government Facilities

Private Residences


Our testing teams are highly experienced security and surveillance specialists, having gained their experience from either Intelligence, Specialist Military or Police backgrounds. In addition we have access to operatives with specialist knowledge of how criminals operate. We work on a strictly confidential basis providing our services to a number of industries, government facilities and companies

Our Approach (Target dependant):


Phase-1:  Initial reconnaissance

Passive reconnaissance and open source intelligence (OSINT) is used to gather information on the organisation and its business estate


Phase-2:  Active reconnaissance & covert observations

On the ground surveillance, walk around to identify entrances/exits; surveillance of employed and manned guards, uniforms, badges, cameras etc. Opportunist attempts to breach the security may be made


Phase-3:  Attack Planning/Pretexting

Develop pretext, arrange badges/passes etc.


Phase-4:  Targeted Testing

Execute attack using covert techniques to penetrate the physical security, gathering video evidence


Phase-5:  Reporting

Report on vulnerabilities & provide recommendations.


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