Penetration Testing

Back in June we posted about the importance of a Clear-desk-policy (CDP) both in the office and at home. In early July over a weekend at the request of a client we conducted a physical-penetration-test (PPT) on a central London office.  If we were to gain access, the client specifically asked us to access what information could be gained once inside. Access was gained and we were able to move through the office, in the short time we were inside we were able to gather a considerable amount of information, both business and personal. There was little adherence to a CDP with white-boards detailing project information (one could be read from the street), sensitive company documents left on desks and personal notebooks full of personal information some of which included bank details and computer passwords. As a result of what we found, the client invited us back to provide a series of briefings to staff on the importance of office and personal security. We also assessed and updated the office security plan.

Penetration testing is one of many services we provide.  Please contact us at T: +44 (0) 2074 999 323 for more information.

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