Multiple Ongoing Tasks

A busy few days with some diverse taskings at Valkyrie this week.

The week commenced with a short-notice TSCM inspection/security review in Canary Wharf. On Wednesday, we assisted/advised a client post an attempted break-in in the Clapham area; interestingly, the point at which the attempted break-in had recently had new patio doors fitted. Still, the client hadn’t got around to refitting the door sensors; the fact they had targeted this specific door was suspicious and needs further investigating to ascertain whether this was more luck than judgment by the criminal or whether insider assistance played a part. It was a lesson learnt for the client, who immediately had the sensors refitted. Luckily, in this case, the area was also covered by CCTV and picked up by the monitoring team.

We were also asked to track down the owner of a vehicle that was involved in a hit-and-run. Fortunately, no one was injured, and the police were informed. Still, the client was concerned the perpetrator would quickly repair the vehicle, so they asked us to investigate – we quickly located the owner. We found the vehicle parked in the street, all of which were passed onto the client (the image is not the actual vehicle).

All interesting stuff to be involved in; however, the best moment of the week was when we needed to check some wiring in the loft space in the house in Clapham. Expecting the standard security climb or ladder scurry up into the loft, it was with surprise and a smile that the client told us to ‘stand back’ and out of the hatch came the most impressive ‘retractable stairs’ – if only every house had one of these

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