Monthly Strategy Meeting

Yesterday, we had our monthly Valkyrie strategy meeting to discuss all aspects of the business, services we provide, current operations and potential work in the pipeline.

Dave Webb gave an update on investigations and a general update of the company. Mike Moran provided an update on Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), or ‘bug sweeping’.  This service has been in much demand in recent months, and we are seeing many returning customers. Gurpreet Thathy updated us on the Cyber Security Operations and Digital Forensics, both elements are also much in demand services at present.

Our COO, Peter Malmstrom provided an overview of the wider Quantum group and also informed us that our offices in Belgrave Square will be expanding with the addition of a conference/training room. Gurpreet’s eyes lit up at this announcement as he has designs on expending his cyber and digital forensics capability and additional office space will allow this – I sense a ‘land-grab’ in the offing.

I mentioned that I was very excited that at the weekend we had gained our 1st 1,000 followers on LinkedIn (a warm and appreciative welcome to all our followers) – we will continue to post regular and hopefully you’re finding our content interesting and useful.

After the very productive meeting, Peter took us just round the corner to lunch at Motcombs in Belgravia (a treat indeed) where the discussions continued over a glass of Chablis!

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