Merry Christmas!

Happy Christmas from all at Valkyrie.

To our clients, contacts, followers, industry partners and friends your business and support during 2022 has been very much appreciated, many thanks.

Onward and upward into 2023!

Enjoy Christmas but stay ‘cyber-safe’ during the break.

  • Remain vigilant and report any suspicious emails
  • Take your time when it comes to transaction email. If they request for monies to be put in new accounts, then call them on their mobile to confirm
  • Know where your data is – a lot of people will be getting new gadgets/tech for Christmas, your data will be on the device, and the cloud, so ensure you know where it is, and you have appropriate security controls in place
  • Ensure your data is backed up and, if possible, kept offline so if an attack such as Ransomware, you will have peace of mind to ensure that you have a copy offline that is safe and you can roll back to.
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