This week, after approval from the facilities management team at 15 Belgrave square we installed our Intellikey access control system to our offices/conference room at Belgrave Square.

The Intellikey system is a unique key system that provides security and transparency of Access Control. The system can be broken down into 2 parts – the Intelligent Key and the Intellikey Controllers. The battery-less-key communicates with the controller within the door, the controller is able to determine if access can be granted to the key. The key itself holds information about the assigned user which is relayed to the controller via an invisible, encrypted infrared link. The controller is able to read/write information within the key according to usage. The controller has the ability to grant/deny access according to parameters such as time, date, and location. As well as various government and corporate buildings it’s the current access control system in use on the Houses of Parliament.

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