Inside a TSCM and cyber security tasking and more

Inside a TSCM and cyber security tasking and more
Inside a TSCM and cyber security tasking and more

A busy few days for the VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED team. A TSCM and cyber security tasking headed up by Gurpreet Thathy for a client in Lanzarote. Post the 2 day task Gurpreet flew to Berlin for the Leadvent Group Renewable Energy cyber security forum, Gurpreet’s talk is later today but so far the presentations have been excellent.

As the title suggests the 2 day event is focused on the issues and solutions of cyber security within the renewable energy sector. Valkyrie work closely with several energy companies and Gurpreet will be giving his views and experience about the threats and how to combat against them.

Meanwhile back in London we’ve been involved in a complex investigation. On Monday and Tuesday we conducted several surveillance serials to confirm/deny various activity at multiple locations. David Webb headed out of the office on Tuesday to meet up with a few of the team which of course coincided with lunch – the team always seem to know the best places to eat, yesterday it was some cracking ‘Turkish street food’ in the Chelsea area.

Dave was running the desk early this morning so for situation-awareness and to get a better understanding of the target the team orientated him to the area – always important for the desk coordinating activity on the ground to understand the target for a host of reasons including accuracy of reporting and how to best utilise your assets on the ground.

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