Hyde Park

We are lucky to have an office in Belgrave Square which is a few hundred metres south of Hyde park.

Hyde Park was created for hunting by Henry Vlll in 1536 after he acquired the manor of Hyde from the Abbey.  It was enclosed as a deer park and remained a private hunting ground until James I permitted limited access to gentlefolk, appointing a ranger to take charge. Charles I opened the park to the general public in 1637. It quickly became a popular gathering place, particularly for May Day celebrations.

Free speech and demonstrations have been a key feature of Hyde Park since the 19th century. Speakers’ Corner has been established as a point of free speech and debate since 1872, while the Chartists, the Reform League, the suffragettes, and the Stop the War Coalition have all held protests there.

During World War One, recruiting rallies and drilling soldiers became common sights.  During the Second World War, the park provided sanctuary for Londoners who were continually being bombed by the enemy.

In the late 20th century, the park was known for holding large-scale free music concerts, featuring groups such as Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones and Queen. Major events in the park have continued into the 21st century, such as Live 8 in 2005 on the ongoing British Summer Time (BST) concerts, plus the annual Hyde Park Winter Wonderland from 2007.

Dave Webb still enjoys a run round the Park, although he’s the first to admit he’s slowed down in recent years and it takes him a little longer now to complete the full loop of the park!

Wherever you are, be it Hyde Park, or anywhere else, have great weekend and enjoy the sun.

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