Hotel Security

Last week our director of cyber security and countermeasures, Gurpreet Thathy was on an overseas task for a client. The job went well and the client was happy with the findings recommendations made during the security audit. The client put the team up at their own hotel and whilst it was a lovely hotel, Gurpreet noticed that the key cards were not particularly secure. The cards were very easy to clone using an easily available free app. This issue has been highlighted many times before by security technicians in the past; however our client wasn’t aware of this threat and weakness of his access system. Sometimes it’s the simple things that really make a difference.

A few basic tips:

1.      Keep your hotel key-card with you at all times, don’t allow anyone access to it and do not pass on your room details – avoid carrying it in the paper wallet that states what room you’re in
2.      When you return to your hotel room always give it a cursory check, has someone been in the room/anything suspicious
3.      Always secure your valuable items when you leave (room safe)
4.      When in your room (especially at night-time) use the dead bolt to secure the door
5.      consider buying and using of a small ‘door wedge’ for extra door security
6.      If someone tries to open your door do not open it unless you know and trust who it is, immediately report it to reception
7.      If you lose your entry card, report it to the hotel immediately and ask to be moved to another room. You can’t assume you ‘lost’ it – it may have been stolen by someone with malicious intent
8.      If possible, leave the ‘do not disturb’ sign on your door and leave a light and/or television on (sound low). This will provide the illusion that someone is in the room when you go out and deters break-ins
9.      As an extra precaution and to eliminate the chance of your hotel room card being ‘skimmed’ carry you cards in a RFID-wallet

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