Gym Security

Gym Security:

For your own security, it is more advisable to visit the gym in your training kit and to leave your valuables at home, but if this isn’t an option, please read the advice in this document.

How to Protect Your Belongings While Working Out

Gyms are a hive of activity, especially in the new year – people coming and going, sometimes alone to the gym or in pairs or family and friend groups to use the spa facilities or the pool – and there are possessions left unattended all the time, and areas that are not under surveillance, which means that they are the perfect hunting ground for thieves. Phones, cash, Rolex watches, even a Ferrari have all been stolen through theft from gyms.

Here at Valkyrie, we have seen a significant increase in thefts from gymnasiums and we’re here to offer advice to keep yourself safe whilst working out.

What to Look for in a Secure Gym

During the gym session, most people keep their valuables in a locker.  Thieves know this and they are also very aware that most locker rooms do not have CCTV (due to privacy rules).  Locker room mentality means that no one is really looking too closely at one another either as everyone is respecting each other’s privacy. It’s easy to blend in at a gym too, as a uniform of t-shirts and sweatpants or shorts are the norm.

So, what do you look for in a gym to reduce the risk of theft?

The main thing to look for is do they let anyone into the locker room, or is there a barrier to entry, like a swipe card system or code entry? This won’t necessarily reduce the risk of theft, but it could narrow down the suspects.

CCTV should be installed in the reception area, the car park and in the gym area itself. It will help prevent vandalism as well as theft, and any unsavoury behaviour. It also means that you’ll feel safer if you’re working out late at night.

Parking & Keeping Belongings in the Car

When parking, make sure you’re parking under a light, near a security camera and as close to the gym as possible.  Being visible even in the dark and under surveillance will mean that thieves are less likely to pick your car to break into.

Further to this, don’t leave your valuables in your car. If you can’t, keep them out of sight, in the glove box or in the boot, or in a vehicle safe. This means that your thief will be less likely to break in, because they can’t see anything worth breaking in for.

Lockers & Padlocks

It’s tempting when you’re in the gym to choose a locker that’s tucked away in a corner, but this just gives thieves more cover to steal from you. Instead, choose a locker that’s in a high traffic area, likely in the main area, near to the showers or the gym.

Never use an unsecured locker for your gym bag. Bring your own padlock so you know that your gym bag is as safe as it can be.  But we advise that the padlock is substantial enough not to be compromised.  The luggage type padlocks, for example, can easily be snapped.


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