Fun Friday Quiz

1.  Why is it necessary for everyone to have a good understanding of Information Security policies and procedures?

A. It helps protect users from being victims of security incidents.

B. It provides an understanding of pattern to follow in a security incident.

C. It helps to understand levels of responsibility.

D. All of the above.


2. What is a good way to create a password?

A. Your child or pet name.

B. Using numbers or symbols.

C. A combination of upper and lowercase letters along with numbers and symbols.

D. Using some common words from the dictionary.


3. Which of the following would be the best password?

A. MySecret

B. Dp0si#Z$2

C. Abc123

D. Keyboard


4. Which of the following is a common delivery method for viruses?

A. Email

B. Instant Message

C. Internet download

D. Portable media


5. While receiving an email from an unknown contact which has an attachment, you:

A. Must open the attachment to view its contents.

B. Just delete the email.

C. Initially, forward the email to your co-workers to allow them to open the attachment first.

D. Forward the email to your personal email account so you can open it at home.


6. What can be done to avoid email viruses?

A. Try deleting an unexpected or unsolicited message.

B. Try using antivirus software to scan attachments before opening.

C. Try deleting similar messages that appear more than once in your Inbox.

D. All the above.


7. Which is a proper use of email?

A. Do not email personal information.

B. Do send out price lists for your home-based business products.

C. Forward inspirational and humorous emails to your co-workers to brighten their day for entertainment.

D. Share an email with all your friends and co-workers to advertise a job opening in your area.


8. Instant Messaging is safer than regular email.

A. True

B. False


9. Which of the following life experiences might turn a trusted user into a malicious insider except:

A. Frustration with co-workers.

B. Stress.

C. Promotion.

D. Financial problems.


10. A malicious user can rely on email or webpage to launch a ____?

A. Phishing attacks.

B. Virus attacks.

C. Spyware.

D. All of the above.


Just a bit of fun on a Friday – but it gets us all thinking!  Please – always consider your cyber and personal security!


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