Forensic Chain of Custody

Our forensic team continue to be busy conducting digital forensics for clients across the UK. We previously posted about the importance of chain of custody and how important it is to avoid the questioning of evidence integrity. Our team are highly trained in the process and associated procedures and undergo regular refresher training to ensure no mistakes are made – the process needs to be second nature to them; the process is vitally important whether it’s related to a criminal or civil case. The process usually involves collecting devices (mobile phone, laptop etc.) to preserve and analyse at the lab or going on-site to protect/preserve the data and then relocate it back to the lab for analysis. Either way, the chain of custody is essential, and the process must be carried correctly every time. The work the team conduct on devices can often be vital in a case and the last thing you want to fall foul of is a breach in the evidential chain that results in the evidence not being admissible.

If you would like to be trained in the collection, storage and audit of forensic evidence, please contact us at or 02074 999 323.

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