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Expert's corner
Expert's corner

A VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED article written for and published in the Tatler Address Book, ‘experts corner’ section titled ‘Blackmail and Extortion.’ It is a case study from 2022 based on a task we assisted on. Initially, the client was facing blackmail/extortion. Once involved, it quickly became apparent that other underlying issues needed to be addressed and dealt with to improve the client’s overall security. The case also highlights what most security professionals always try to convince clients of – ‘a proactive security approach is generally better than a reactive one’ because it focuses on preventing security breaches before they occur, rather than simply responding to them after the fact. The case also highlighted the cross-over of technical and physical security; both are equally essential and, in our experience, are best looked at holistically. Back to basics, assessing security by a layered approach, with the inner layers being the internal systems (network/data) – TSCM sweeping and cyber-security activity will provide a clean bill of health for the inner layer(s). However, it would be unwise to only assess the inner layers without considering the outer layers (doors, locks, windows, CCTV, walls, fences, other perimeters, access control, alarms, dead areas, etc.), as these will likely leave the inner layers vulnerable attack.

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