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Digital vigilance: Valkyrie cyber security features in Life Magazines London

Your online security has never been more important when safeguarding your privacy. Valkyrie shared our expert team’s most unbeatable cyber security advice with Londoners in the latest luxury Life Magazine issue (March). Going out to households across North London and South London via the publisher’s community magazines, the article — Digital Vigilance: Safeguarding Personal and Property Privacy — highlights the significance of prioritising online security to ensure the protection of your physical and digital presence in a world where over 60% of the global population is active on social media.

Valkyrie’s article in the London Life Magazines portfolio identifies the types of personal and private information that can be shared online, how it can be exploited by criminals and opportunists, as well as providing advice on mitigating the cyber security risks — such as adjusting privacy settings and leveraging emerging technologies to fortify your online presence. It is essential to be aware of the threats so you can take proactive measures to ensure the security of you, your family and your assets.

The Life Magazines portfolio caters to the most exclusive areas across London and the Home Counties, with London community magazines including Chelsea Life, Mayfair Life, Hampstead & Highgate Life, Battersea Life, Fulham Life, Richmond Life and Wimbledon Life. Readers can see Valkyrie’s cyber security advice in all these magazines and more.

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“Consider the myriad of ways our information is shared: on social media, websites, and public registries. Social media alone can divulge a wealth of personal details, including geotagged locations that may reveal our whereabouts or signal an empty home to criminals,” Valkyrie says in the article.

“To address these risks, it’s crucial to be conscious of what information about ourselves is publicly accessible. This means conducting thorough [cyber security] assessments of our online footprint, identifying privacy gaps, and taking proactive steps to mitigate security risks.”

To find out more about how Valkyrie can help you assess your digital vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and strengthen your cyber security, read more on our services page here or contact us today.

Read the full article now in Life Magazines North London and South London



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