As we mentioned in our post on the 14th September VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED committed to providing a work experience package for a couple of ‘keen individuals’ with the aim being to provide them with an understanding of the various skills and services we provide. Well this week our two students arrived (bright and early) and they have been receiving tutorials in the office as well as conducting various practical exercises out and about London.

One of the taskings we gave them was to create a target/briefing pack on a complex (randomly chosen) using open-source-intelligence (OSINT). We asked them to create a short power-point presentation and brief us on the target complex. This type of pack is often required in several of the services we provide including surveillance taskings, security assessments, physical-penetration-testing (PPT) or as part of an investigation. We provided them with a loose template of what we required and general tips/advice on what to include and they set about pulling the pack together. Basically, provide us with an overview of the target before we consider any form of initial on the ground activity e.g. reconnaissance, drive pasts etc. to gain additional intelligence on the target prior to committing to and conducting the main PPT tasking – the OSINT collection being phase one of the task (building the picture). We were particularly interested in understanding the immediate area, terrain, buildings etc. (‘the ground’) so when we do conduct ground activity our knowledgeable of the target is the best it can be and we’ve done ‘our homework’. Similar to the ‘ground in general’ and ‘target in detail’ terminology the military use when delivering orders and briefs or at least used to in my day – google maps is ‘very helpful’ these days. The attached photo is a couple of the images from the presentation we received which I think you’ll agree is an excellent start. But there’s always room for improvement ?

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