Background checks

Here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, one of the services we provide are background checks on individuals. This became a valuable resource during my police career, especially during the onset of online dating. Many single people, looking for a relationship, would arrange a date with someone they had only been chatting with for a couple of days. As a detective, my advice was always to do background checks on the person you are having a date with and if “you are in doubt; leave it out” – in other words, if you’re suspicious, cancel the date.

During our lives there are situations where we may need to know more about an individual than is possible to find out simply by talking to them, or by what they may be willing to disclose. This could be a professional need, for instance if you’re considering going into business with someone, or more personal, such as if you are dating someone (as mentioned above), considering a relationship or moving in with a partner and there have been minor concerns that you want to check out to ensure you are making the right decision. You may be worried about the safety of a third party and want to find out more about an individual that has come into their life.

Whatever your reason, a background check can be a useful means of gathering information and providing peace of mind – or confirming concerns and assisting you in deciding what to do next. They can provide information about numerous aspects of an individual, including:

Identity: verifying the name of an individual and confirming personal information such as current address and date of birth. This can be helpful in employment situations where you need to ensure you have the correct details and identity of an applicant.

Criminal history: uncovering any past convictions. Checks can also be undertaken to gain information about any domestic abuse a person has a history of, or any sexual offences.

Previous addresses: providing the history of a person’s places of residence is helpful in employment processes to ensure a person has given correct information, for credit checking with customers who wish to open an account, or if intending to let a property to the individual.

Finance: providing information about a person’s financial situation, any past issues with money or unpaid debt, and insolvency or bankruptcy. This can be valuable information for a business that is considering providing credit to a person or other company, investing in the individual or company or entering some other form of business arrangement with them.

Previous employment: confirming the experience, training and qualifications that an applicant reports to have in recruitment processes, so an employer can be sure that they are choosing the right person for the job. It can also be useful if you need to check whether a person is really who they say they are in other situations, such as if they have contact with children or are entering into a relationship.

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