Apple Security Breach

Apple users have been advised to immediately update their iPhones, iPads and Macs to protect against a pair of security vulnerabilities that can allow attackers to take complete control of their devices, from access to your photos, to access to your camera, microphone, bank accounts, and everything else!

In both cases, Apple said, there are credible reports that hackers are already abusing the vulnerabilities to attack users.

One of the software weaknesses affects the kernel, the deepest layer of the operating system that all the devices have in common, Apple said. The other affects WebKit, the underlying technology of the Safari web browser.

For each of the bugs, the company said it was “aware of a report that this issue may have been actively exploited,” though it provided no further details. It credited an anonymous researcher or researchers for disclosing both.

Anyone with an iPhone released since 2015, an iPad released since 2014 or a Mac running macOS Monterey can download the update by opening up the settings menu on their mobile device or choosing “software update” on the “about this Mac” menu on their computer.

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