Another Busy Week

Another busy week at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED.

On Tuesday, we were in Surrey bug sweeping a client’s residential property. In addition to the sweep, Simon Lincoln interviewed the Client as they were involved in a difficult and complicated situation. Our team gave her advice including, on how to approach the police, likely offences being committed, home security and situation awareness. This is a good example of a task having several layers and the need to fully understand the background. It also helps having a highly experienced team with multiple skillsets. Later in the week, we had a team up in the Huntingdon area (Cambridgeshire) led by Simon, again conducting a short notice time sensitive task that had several elements to it including – address trace, surveillance and delivering legal documents. Today our Director of Cyber Security & Electronic Counter Measures, Gurpreet Thathy and Head of Counter Measures, Mike Moran M Syl are up in Milton Keynes visiting an equipment Supplier. Milton Keynes is famous for being the home of Bletchley Park and the iconic Alan Turing who was responsible for breaking of the Enigma system/code (hopefully more on that next week). In addition to these taskings we’ve also been busy back at the Belgrave Square office and in/around London holding several Client meetings, completing an important digital-forensic-preservation report and proposals for various TSCM, forensics and surveillance opportunities. Next week is shaping up to be as equally busy, kicking off on Monday with our monthly Valkyrie Strategy meeting as well as welcoming the new Group-Financial-Controller. Actually it’s been that busy Simon only had time for an ‘office picnic’ on Thursday.

As always its important to look back and review all tasking – 4 takeaways/lessons-reidentified from the week:

1. Both the TSCM and surveillance tasks were short notice requests – always be prepared to react and support a Client at short notice no matter how small or large the task, and plan accordingly (in as much detail as time allows)

2. Take what time is available to fully understand every task in detail, you may be able to assist the Client with other problems – often in our experience the cause of the reactionary task leads to larger and more serious underlying issues

3. If and where possible have Operators who are multi skilled and can multi task on behalf of the Client – select your team to fit the task

4. When conducting a TSCM-inspection it’s important to try and cover off every aspect of a threat. On this week’s task our telephone expert inspected the lines physically and technically to make sure our client wasn’t exposed

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