A Child’s Perspective

A uplifting post for Friday.

Young minds are so impressionable. With all the social media activity, 24 hours news coverage and the pressures in life, it’s sometimes easy to get lost.

This week, the daughter of our Director of Cyber Security and Electronic Counter Measures, Gurpreet Thathy, asked him what he did at work today, he explained that he did some forensic work and a ‘bug sweep’. Now she is only 6, and said bug sweeps, were looking for ‘ants and spiders’? This clearly made Gurpreet giggle, but ultimately a fair question. Gurpreet then explained to her what it meant. She understood the concept but not why people would want to eavesdrop on other people. Maybe a little too young for the ‘why’ conversation and Gurpreet decided to save it for another day. What made Gurpreet most proud was her inquisitive mind and her interest in what her dad did. After the conversation she decided to brand her dolls house with the Valkyrie brand and said, ‘I want to be like you, Dad’. Brilliant!

Have a great weekend!

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