Rememberance Day

There are numerous symbols, emblems, logos and badges that are associated to a variety of causes, institutions and organisations. However, there are very few that are as thought-provoking, poignant and have the visual impact of the red ‘Flanders’ poppy. Steeped in the history and sacrifice of the Armed Forces, this simple looking flower, born out …

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Crisis Response Article

To coincide with Matthew Newton joining Valkyrie and taking up responsibility for Crisis Response, Matthew and the Valkyrie team produced a short article on the subject for the TATLER advisory/address book. The article provides an overview of the main considerations when it comes to Crisis Preparation; maintaining a realistic attitude to the risks, undertaking the right training and exercises in advance and having the right team in place to help navigate the incident. https://addressbook.tatler.com/articles/crisis-response

Hotel Assessment

Clients and partners routinely ask @valkyrie to ‘recommend hotels,’ especially in central London. We are also regularly contacted by hotels who want us to endorse their hotels – we’ve had several contact us recently, and last week, after initial assessment via online resources, etc. we arranged meetings with two intending to add them to our …

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Addicted to Tech

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, Smart Homes have become an integral part of our lives. They offer convenience, energy efficiency and improved quality of life for residents. However, the rapid increase of interconnected devices and automation in our homes has also raised security concerns. Smart Homes are residences that use various smart devices – …

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Burner Phones

What is a burner phone? We often hear the term in our line of work. A burner is a single-use phone, unattached to your identity, which can theoretically be used to communicate anonymously in situations where communications could/may be monitored. You should follow several underlying protocols when utilising a burner to ensure you remain anonymous …

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In two recent posts we highlighted the rise in ‘tech abuse’ and how technology was being used to control and coerce people. In another post we highlighted the use of vehicle trackers to monitor peoples activity. This month there was an article in the Mail newspaper detailing a court case where Michael Williams, a retired …

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Off Boarding Procedure

Employee offboarding can be mundane, yet it is critical to businesses and the IT team. Handling a disgruntled employee leaving a company requires additional care and attention. A proper offboarding process and procedure – executed diligently and efficiently – is vital in today’s technologically savvy world. That’s easier said than done, especially considering IT departments …

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