May 2023

May 2023

A new regime for consumer products with internet connectivity

At Valkyrie we provide clients with both physical and technical/cyber reviews at residential and corporate properties. In the past year we have seen a rise in the number of cyber security reviews conducted and experienced first-hand how breaches and cyber related issues affect clients. It was interesting to see, therefore,  a press release (29 April) …

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Cable Security

With technology advancing at an exponential rate, unfortunately, so does the threat landscape. When VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED conduct TSCM inspections, one of the routine checks we carry out is on ‘standard cables’ such as mobile/iPhone and network cables. Most of us have several of these cables for ease of access/use and they are generally left plugged into …

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Overseas operations

Here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, we are fortunate to have a multi-disciplinary team which allows us to provide an array of complementing services. Last week the team were in France and Spain conducting two taskings. Both tasks required a blend of our services but centered around protecting sensitive information and ensuring nothing had been breached/accessed; this …

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The Valkyrie team were busy over the weekend conducting a task at Farnborough Airport, unfortunately we missed the coronation. We had to complete several tasks for the client which involved his aircraft. A few weekends back, we did another similar task at one of the main London airports. However, logistics at that location proved to …

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