February 28, 2022

28 February 2022

Apple Airtag

Following on from our article on 19th January this year, and since the release of Apple’s Bluetooth-based tracking gadget AirTag, there have been several complaints of the device being used for stalking and other illegal acts all over the world. As a result of these instances, the firm began taking the required steps to prevent …

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Ukraine Crisis

Over the past weeks/days there has been much said and written about Ukraine and the ‘likely’ Putin invasion, including by us at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED in regards to Cyber-attack concerns. The second guessing came to an end on Thursday when Putin launched his much-anticipated military operation. In the lead up to the invasion various World-leaders/Politicians had been warning of an …

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Identity Fraud

Identity fraud, or ‘ID theft’, involves the use of a person’s stolen details to commit crime. Many victims never find out exactly how someone got hold of their details and clearing things up afterwards can be costly and stressful. Criminals are experts at impersonating people, organisations and the police – they spend hours researching you …

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Another busy week here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED – Several tasking completed including a London based TSCM/bug sweep for a client – the house had recently been renovated with the family planning to move in shortly. They tasked us with a full security audit of the property including a bug sweep to ensure the building was secure …

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Strong-Customer-Authentication (SCA) Rules To Be Implemented – 14th March

Strong-Customer-Authentication (SCA) rules to be implemented – 14th March Over the coming weeks online shoppers in the UK can expect more identity checks and possibly more card-declined messages as retailers ready themselves for new anti-fraud rules that come into effect on 14th March. Buyers have already started seeing more requests to verify their ID as …

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Ukraine Crisis

Our previous post (2nd Feb) asked the question whether the UK was at risk of Russian cyber-attack over Ukraine support. As the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate and remains fluid UK business/organisations should consider protecting themselves from potential cyber threats. Putin may be preparing a cyber assault on British interests; the Home Secretary and …

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