What We Do

Valkyrie provides security risk management services to family offices, high-net-worth individuals, companies and organisations to ensure the integrity of information and security at home, in the office and while travelling. Our objective is to recommend a security strategy that provides the required level of protection to enable our clients.  Our services are centred on four key areas – Cyber Security, Investigations & Surveillance, Technical Surveillance & Counter Measures (aka bug sweeping) and Physical Security (including audits and physical pen testing). 

Valkyrie applies the latest technological advancements to enhance the effectiveness of our work. This approach enables us to drive cost efficiencies that directly benefit our clients. We value technological innovation combined with expert strategies based on tried and tested principles that have stood the test of time. This ensures our plans are resilient in the face of any challenge. Our experienced and highly-trained personnel ensure that every step is undertaken with pride, passion and consummate skill.

Our Services

Cyber Security

Investigations and Surveillance

Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures

Physical Security