Vehicle Tracking

Luxury vehicles and classic cars are always on the criminal’s shopping list. Often stolen to order, they are almost instantly sold on, meaning your prized asset is on its way out of the country never to be seen again. Valkyrie provides specialist covert tracking equipment that is easily installed in a single vehicle or multi-vehicle collection, reports in daily and can be monitored from any internet-enabled device. It is self-powered, quick and easy to install, adding immediate, state-of-the-art security protection to your prized possessions.

The Valkyrie Sentinel Covert Vehicle Tracker – Battery Powered

Product Description

With its own power source built-in – the battery powered Sentinel covert vehicle tracker overcomes the issue of power drain on your assets battery, even if left unused for a long period of time, making it perfect for classic cars and infrequently used vehicles.

Valkyrie asset tracking solutions allows you to locate, monitor and optimise your vehicles and personal assets. Our advanced trackers use the latest technology, providing pinpoint accuracy whether periodically or in real time. All Valkyrie trackers are wireless – with no need to be wired into the vehicle’s electrical system – meaning they can be fitted in multiple locations within the vehicle or asset, and have an advanced power management system in order to reduce power consumption and prolong battery life.

All Valkyrie trackers are designed to be covert, with the ability and functionality for our team to easily assist in recovering your vehicle should it ever be stolen. This product is perfect for clients with collectable and high-value assets, and for those with sentimental value or that cannot be replaced.

Key Features

● Multi-positioning device – only multi-network SIM cards used ● Ability to track periodically or in real-time ● Tamper alert – notification of removal from original installation ● Waterproof to IPX5 rating ● Operating temperature, -20°C ͂ to +70°C ● Worldwide coverage ● Long battery life with up to 2 years standby ● Easily installed into vehicles or non-powered assets, in multiple locations within the vehicle/asset without damage or interference ● Can be monitored from any internet-enabled device

Quad Trailer Tractor Jet Jet Quad Trailer Tractor Jet Jet

● £895 + VAT for the first two years (two year minimum subscription period) ● £550 + VAT for subsequent two year periods thereafter ● 10% discount available on additional trackers purchased to be fitted at the same location


● Valkyrie technician to fit tracker(s) at vehicle(s) location(s) ● Free fitting within the M25 ● Access to the Valkyrie tracker app ● Two year device warranty ● Device battery monitoring and low battery notification (via Valkyrie) ● Addition of CCTV feed to Valkyrie tracker app (on assessment/if compatible)


● Fully transferable between vehicles (Terms and Conditions apply) ● Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR): Utilising Valkyrie’s extensive resources and partner matrix across the security sector, we are able (on 24/7 request) to recover high-value vehicles should they be stolen. If the client requires SVR services we will assess all circumstances of the loss on a case-by-case basis and, where recovery is deemed possible, quote the client for recovery ● Call-out service in the event of technical issues ● Valkyrie third party monitoring (upon request) ● Fitting locations outside the M25 will incur additional costs, such as travel. These costs will be calculated on a case-by-case basis



"Valkyrie has always delivered exceptionally high levels of service. They have deployed highly specialised and skilled teams at short notice in response to our often-diverse security requirements. The team is highly professional, flexible and discreet, which is why we have the utmost trust and confidence in our ongoing relationship."

Director of Protective Services, Major High Street Bank

"We switched over to Valkyrie about a year ago and are thrilled with their Counter Measures Service. They are well priced, fast and diligent. Going with Valkyrie has proved to be an excellent decision. In fact, we often recommend them to other organisations."

COO, Energy Company

"Steve is a highly experienced, efficient, and effective Investigator. His judgment, and those of the people he works with and for is impeccable."

Partner, London-based Legal Practice

"I have had the Valkyrie Sentinel covert tracker fitted to my Aston Martin DB5 for just over a year now and it provides total peace of mind. My tracker reports into me daily, detailing pin-point location accuracy, anywhere in the world. The Valkyrie team get in touch if any suspicious movement occurs and are available 24/7 for assistance. I chose the Valkyrie Sentinel tracker over its competitors due to the impressive military and intelligence backgrounds of the team, most especially the resources they have available should my car ever be stolen and they need to recover it."

Neil Clifford

"Working with the Valkyrie team is always a pleasure. They helped us write policies that we never had, did intrusion/penetration testing and a vulnerability assessment. We are definitely more secure because of the work they do for us."

CEO, Small Private Company

"David Webb of Valkyrie has provided highly professional, pragmatic and proportionate advice on a range of security matters for our HNW and corporate clients. I would highly recommend Valkyrie for their Security and counter-measure services."

Global Management Consultancy

"I strongly recommend Valkyrie for anyone looking for the highest professional TSCM service. Mike and his team are excellent and always have the client’s best interest at hand. Understanding the needs of our current security corporate culture climate, where confidentially, timeliness, and accuracy is a must, anyone looking for these specific capabilities should speak with Mike and Valkyrie, high recommended."

Chief Security Officer, Major O&G company

"The go-to professionals for the ultimate in vehicle security. Fast, reliable and professional service."

Sanjay Seentanah, Octane Magazine

“The Valkyrie PORTUNUS system is at the heart of our building security and access control. The system is highly secure, effective, easy to install and provides a cost-effective, flexible security system for a highly complexed and historic site”.

Major London Govt. facility

U.K. car theft statistics

Luxury vehicles, classic cars and high-value assets are always on the criminals shopping list. Often stolen to order, they are almost instantly sold on, meaning your prized asset is most likely on its way out of the country never to be seen again.

In 2019 car theft rates reached a nine-year high, with a car being stolen every 5 minutes in the U.K., and over 115,777 vehicles reported stolen. Less than half of these vehicles were recovered by the police.

About Valkyrie

Valkyrie are specialised security consultants drawing on over 100 years’ combined experience in Britain’s most elite military and intelligence units.

We deliver high-level cyber and physical security solutions tailored to our clients’ needs. As industry leaders in security and risk management, we aim to comprehensively identify, assess and manage risks you or your company may face. Our services are centred on two key areas – advanced technologies and innovative measures, and personalised and comprehensive security.

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