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The Brompton

By Dave Webb | 22 Mar 2022

Getting about town


More and more people are heading back to their offices and here at @Valkyrie, we are conducting a lot more TSCM-inspections (bug sweeps) and security audits in preparation of commuters returning to their offices.  @Dave Webb, our Managing Director, has a canny way of commuting to Belgrave Square and around central London. 


Whether heading to the office, on a security tasking, meeting up with a Client or having an after office debrief, it’s just easier if you have one of these machines, @Brompton – it allows you to avoid the London traffic, trains, tubes, make your meetings on time and get some exercise in on a busy day.


If we can be of assistance –E:  security@valkyrie.co.uk | T: +44 (0) 2074 999 323


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