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A safe pair of hands

By Gurpreet Thathy | 07 Jun 2022

No job too small


Here at Valkyrie, we like to think we can turn our hands to most things! Recently, a client needed a large safe installed into his house (basement of course) and the old one removed - he asked us to help. 

We arranged for the street parking suspension, booked a big old crane and the removal team. However, as you can see from the images a car was parked smack-bang in the middle of the suspended bays, luckily the crane and the team were able to successfully negotiate the vehicle-obstacle and remove/install both safes.

Although we call him butter fingers on the cricket field, you can see from this photo that Gurpreet is sometimes a ‘safe’ pair of hands, overseeing the tasking – from Cyber and forensics to ‘removals’!


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