Revenge Porn

By Simon Lincoln | 09 Aug 2022

In January this year, we wrote an article about the growing problem of revenge porn and ways to prevent yourself from being a victim.  Recently, the media reported that private... Read More

Instagram Scams

By Simon Lincoln | 08 Aug 2022

Since its launch in 2010, Instagram has seen more than 1 billion accounts opened, and users on the service share close to 100 million photos every day. Unfortunately, the popularity of... Read More

London Riots 2011

By Simon Lincoln | 05 Aug 2022

This weekend marks the eleventh anniversary of the London riots. These were a series of riots between 6 and 11 August 2011. Thousands of people rioted in cities and towns across England, which... Read More


By Dave Webb | 04 Aug 2022

Following our Battersea Power Station post 14/07/2022 one of our team had just dropped off a client in the area and noticed two CH-47’s heading over the power station. Knowing... Read More

A great result!

By Simon Lincoln | 03 Aug 2022

In 2021 we were tasked by a client to investigate an individual who was using threatening words and behaviour towards the client and persons connected with the client. This individual... Read More

Training in our polo shirts

By Simon Lincoln | 02 Aug 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we continue to provide training in our superb facilities at 15 Belgrave Square.  Thanks to Vantage Media we were excited to wear our new Valkyrie branded polo... Read More

Mobile Phone Surveillance Imagery

By Simon Lincoln | 01 Aug 2022

The use of mobile phones and photography is now commonplace in our everyday lives especially with the popularity of social media sites such as Instagram. With the considerable advancements in... Read More

Civil Unrest

By Simon Lincoln | 28 Jul 2022

Protests in the UK (especially London) are pretty much a daily occurrence, and the Police are well versed in dealing with them. However, in recent months there appears to have... Read More

Fake Reviews

By Simon Lincoln | 27 Jul 2022

Security comes in many forms, from home, work place & personal security, bug sweeping and cyber, to name but a few.  But what about online shopping?  For years, companies have... Read More

Cyber Resilience Conference

By Simon Lincoln | 26 Jul 2022

The Cyber Resilience for National Security & the Energy Sector one day conference will be held at The Robert Gordon Ballroom in the Sandman Hotel in Aberdeen – Thursday September... Read More

On this day

By Simon Lincoln | 25 Jul 2022

22 years ago today (25th July), Air France flight 4590, a Concorde supersonic aeroplane, crashed in Gonesse, a suburb of Paris. The iconic aeroplane went down in flames almost immediately after take-off, killing all 109 people... Read More

The Gray Man

By Dave Webb | 25 Jul 2022

Today Netflix release the film ‘The Gray Man,’ an action spy thriller based on the novel by Mark Greaney. The story is based around Court Gentry (Ryan Gosling) aka ‘Sierra... Read More

Lockdown Mode

By Dave Webb | 25 Jul 2022

Apple has announced (6th June 22) a new 'Lockdown Mode' for iPhones, iPads and Macs to protect against ‘Pegasus-style’ cyber-attacks. Lockdown Mode is an optional protection for users who face 'grave,... Read More

Our museum

By Gurpreet Thathy | 25 Jul 2022

We have mentioned in previous posts that VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED are creating a ‘countermeasures, security and surveillance museum’ in our training room at 15 Belgrave Square, it’s a labour of love for Gurpreet... Read More

Legal work

By Gurpreet Thathy | 25 Jul 2022

Gurpreet Thathy, Director of Cyber Security and Electronic Counter Measures and the VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED cyber team have been busy again this week with court orders at law firm offices in the... Read More

Wi-Fi Security

By Gurpreet Thathy | 25 Jul 2022

Wi-Fi technology was introduced to us approximately 20 years ago. Today, pretty much no matter where in the world you go apart from the most remote places, there is some... Read More

Surveillance Training

By Simon Lincoln | 15 Jul 2022

This week on behalf of a client we conducted a surveillance training package over two days that culminated in a short but testing exercise. The client specifically wanted their surveillance team... Read More

Battersea Power Station

By Simon Lincoln | 14 Jul 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we have a client who lives near to the Battersea Power Station (BPS) and another who owns an apartment in the main BPS complex.  We are regular... Read More

Festival Security

By Simon Lincoln | 13 Jul 2022

On this day in 1985 (Saturday 13th July) the "Live Aid" concerts were held at both Wembley Stadium and John F. Kennedy Stadium in Philadelphia. In 1985 Gurpreet was born,... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 12 Jul 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we are extremely proud to feature in Burlington’s Magazine.  Burlington’s provide highly personal joined up solutions to businesses and personal activities, bridging legal, tax, accounting, fiduciary services,... Read More

Fingerprint technology

By Simon Lincoln | 11 Jul 2022

A few years ago, I was at a retired detective social event and met a chap in his nineties called Ted “Fingers” Bentley.  Ted’s nickname came from the fact that... Read More

A child's perspective

By Gurpreet Thathy | 08 Jul 2022

A uplifting post for Friday. Young minds are so impressionable. With all the social media activity, 24 hours news coverage and the pressures in life, it's sometimes easy to get lost. This... Read More

The London Bombings

By Simon Lincoln | 07 Jul 2022

Seventeen years ago today, 7th July 2005, London experienced a series of coordinated bomb attacks carried out by four terrorists targeting commuters travelling on the city's public transport system during the morning... Read More

Vantage Media

By Simon Lincoln | 07 Jul 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we are extremely proud to work alongside Vantage Media, since 2019.  Vantage Media was invited to refresh the look and tone of Valkyrie’s branding – from marketing... Read More

UK Cyber Survey

By Simon Lincoln | 06 Jul 2022

The NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) recently published its first 'UK cyber survey' alongside a global password risk list. The password information is enlightening and a good reminder that weak... Read More

Old School Bugs

By Gurpreet Thathy | 06 Jul 2022

We have previously posted about TSCM equipment and how the technology has changed and advanced to combat the threat. Yesterday, the VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED team were going through various pieces of equipment... Read More

Another busy weekend

By Gurpreet Thathy | 04 Jul 2022

As per several of our recent posts, the Valkyrie cyber and TSCM team have been busy conducting multiple inspections at a variety of offices, residential locations and corporate aircraft. This... Read More

Forms of communication

By Simon Lincoln | 01 Jul 2022

All forms of communications are an essential part of everyday life, be it verbal, written or non-verbal. Reliable and robust communications is a vital ingredient in the security industry especially... Read More

A fantastic cause!

By Gurpreet Thathy | 30 Jun 2022

A former colleague and good friend Jerry Whitmarsh reached out to Gurpreet Thathy about this fantastic cause and asked if VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED could promote it on our LinkedIn page.   Fancy a day out at Edgbaston with... Read More

Cyber Insurance

By Gurpreet Thathy | 29 Jun 2022

Yesterday (28th June) marked National Insurance Awareness Day. Insurance policies and companies play a big part in our lives, from personal insurance, which covers residential, life insurance, and cars, to... Read More

Head Injury

By Simon Lincoln | 28 Jun 2022

Last week, I was at a dinner with a client.  During the meal, I noticed someone on another table having a seizure. Suddenly, he shot back in his chair and... Read More

Laptop Security

By Simon Lincoln | 28 Jun 2022

Laptop and device security when out and about Most of us when moving to and from our office or going to meetings carry our laptop with us. After work it’s common practice... Read More

Vulnerability Assessment

By Simon Lincoln | 24 Jun 2022

Although your house may be secure, your rubbish and recycling bins are always exposed and within the public domain, usually left out on the street for everyone to access. During... Read More

Project Management

By Gurpreet Thathy | 23 Jun 2022

We have several clients who regularly use our core services such as surveillance/investigations, TSCMi (bug sweeping) and Cyber Security. When our trusted clients have issues which are not part of... Read More

Shoplifting Prevention

By Simon Lincoln | 22 Jun 2022

You’ve invested a lot of time, energy and money in setting up shop. Unfortunately, shops attract shoplifters. During my police career, we were called to a shoplifting incident at least... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 22 Jun 2022

Another busy week here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED - Several tasking completed including a London based TSCM/bug sweep for a client – the house had recently been renovated with the family planning... Read More

Window Security

By Dave Webb | 22 Jun 2022

The weather is glorious at the moment with the MET office predicting it to continue into the weekend. Yesterday Simon Lincoln and I were visiting a VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED client and during our conversation he... Read More

Armed Forces Day 2022

By Simon Lincoln | 21 Jun 2022

ARMED FORCES DAY - Here at Valkyrie we are proud of our past and present connections to the Armed forces. This week, 20th–25th June 2022 is Armed Forces Week, culminating in... Read More

Clear Desk Policy

By Dave Webb | 21 Jun 2022

Clear Desk Policy - As mentioned in several recent posts our VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED team have been busy over the last few weekends. These tasks have including surveillance work, bug sweeps, penetration... Read More

Overseas Taskings

By Simon Lincoln | 15 Jun 2022

There are many considerations that need to factored in when conducting investigations and surveillance tasks both in the UK and overseas – expectation management, time constraints, communications, risk of compromise,... Read More

Our Communication and telephone services

By Gurpreet Thathy | 14 Jun 2022

@Valkyrie GB Limited we have several financial investment clients all of whom are proactive with their security. However, they often require ad hoc services conducted on their communication systems and... Read More


By Gurpreet Thathy | 13 Jun 2022

Security does not always centre on a residence or office. Several of our clients own aircrafts and yachts (and vehicles of course), and use these as mobile offices as they... Read More

Outbuilding theft

By Simon Lincoln | 10 Jun 2022

Keeping your outbuildings (sheds) or garage safe and secure Many people don’t secure their outbuildings or garage in the same way they do their homes - often using an easy-to-break lock... Read More


By Gurpreet Thathy | 09 Jun 2022

Masala tea – check! Route  – check! Tweed – always! A big thank you to Monan Gozzett for inviting Valkyrie to the T20 event at Arundel Castle Cricket Club today (09th June).  A... Read More

Our new training room!

By Dave Webb | 09 Jun 2022

After several months operating out of a temporary conference room in 15 Belgrave Square, last week we finally got into our conference and training room located right next to our... Read More

A safe pair of hands

By Gurpreet Thathy | 07 Jun 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we like to think we can turn our hands to most things! Recently, a client needed a large safe installed into his house (basement of course) and... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 06 Jun 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we deem it important to post two articles today due to the significance of the occasions.  Her Majesty celebrating 70 years of exemplary service to her people... Read More

Jubilee Weekend

By Simon Lincoln | 06 Jun 2022

After two bank holidays, Trooping the Colour, a pop concert, a thanksgiving service and a pageant, the four-day Platinum Jubilee celebrations have ended.  Here at Valkyrie we were busy over... Read More

The Queen's Jubilee

By Simon Lincoln | 01 Jun 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we would like to offer Her Majesty The Queen many congratulations on being the first British Monarch to serve Her duty for 70 years!    During her reign,... Read More


By Gurpreet Thathy | 31 May 2022

A big thank you to Jastar Capital for hosting a cricket match (Friday 27th May) between Jastar and the Agents at Fleet Cricket Club, Calthorpe Park and afterwards at the... Read More

Van security

By Simon Lincoln | 30 May 2022

Van and work tool theft In recent weeks two of our security partners have reported break-ins to their work vans. There is also an increase of incidents reported in relation to... Read More

Catch up

By Dave Webb | 30 May 2022

Great to meet up with my old Boss and Google VP Global Security, Chris Rackow Wednesday afternoon at the Antelope pub, 22 Eaton Terrace, Belgravia – great old pub! it’s been a while since... Read More

Useful Scam Reporting contact information

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we are often asked about scam texts, telephone calls and emails and how to report them. I have listed some helpful contacts. Suspicious emails Forward the email to report@phishing.gov.uk The National Cyber Security... Read More

HNWI The Inner Threat

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

High Net Worth (HNW) individuals/families - the insider threat from ‘your inner circle’   Wealthy families are more susceptible than others to fraud, cyberattacks, extortion, or even violent acts. The greatest threat... Read More

Search Order Assistance

By Gurpreet Thathy | 26 May 2022

Search Order Assistance Here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, the cyber and forensics team have been busy assisting with a Search Order for one of our clients. Going onsite and executing a Search... Read More

Height Advantage

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Yesterday, we were busy with a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) bug sweeping assignment in central London. The client, a high net worth individual, has recently purchased the property and wanted... Read More

Recording phone conversations

By Dave Webb | 26 May 2022

A lot of our clients come to VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED with very complex issues. Recently one of our clients had several questions about the legality of phone recording. Here are... Read More

Refresher Training

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, we are always keen to keep on top of the training and inspecting the equipment we use. On Monday, we did some refresher training at our Belgrave... Read More

The London Underground

By Dave Webb | 26 May 2022

The London Underground Several of our recent posts make reference to the London Underground and personal security when utilising it. However, when advising on security and the tube it’s worth remembering... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Catfishing is when someone creates fake profiles on social media sites to trick people into thinking they are somebody else. It is most common on social media and dating apps... Read More

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

By Dave Webb | 26 May 2022

This week and last, the VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED team have felt like Steve Martin and John Candy (RIP) in the classic 1987 film, ‘Planes, Trains and Automobiles’. Investigations, TSCM inspections and Cyber... Read More

Modern Slavery

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

On a recent surveillance tasking, we observed some suspicious activity at an address in close proximity to our target. Being an ex-Scotland Yard detective, I recognised some of the signs that... Read More

Personal awareness

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Identity cards (ID) often worn around the neck on lanyards are important for security across several industries and settings. In a corporate setting, your ID card keeps your workplace safe... Read More

Bike thefts

By Dave Webb | 26 May 2022

In recent months owners of @Brompton folding bicycles have become the latest target of violent street crime. There have been several reports of armed gangs attacking owners on busy streets... Read More

Yachts and Superyachts

By Dave Webb | 26 May 2022

Increased cyber and eavesdropping threats to Yachts and Superyachts Recent industry reporting indicates the Cyber and eavesdropping threats to yachts have increased since COVID. How many different networks are on board your... Read More

Injured on holiday

By Dave Webb | 26 May 2022

We previously posted in January about general travel security. With the UK no longer being part of the EU and travel restrictions easing globally, it seems like a good time... Read More

London in the sunshine

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

In my opinion, London in the sunshine can’t be beaten! This morning, here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, our surveillance team are on an operation in this glorious city. One of the team took... Read More

Valkyrie Cyber Concierge Service

By Gurpreet Thathy | 26 May 2022

Now that we are coming back to some sort of normality, the VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED teams have been busy with various client engagements. We have seen an increase in work whether it... Read More


By Dave Webb | 26 May 2022

Short Message Service (SMS) was not designed as a method for transmitting secure/sensitive messages. Sending digital messages will always open you to a certain amount of risk, but that doesn’t... Read More


By Dave Webb | 26 May 2022

On April 30th (Wednesday) 1980 (42 years ago tomorrow), a group of 6 armed terrorists took over the Iranian Embassy in London (16 Princes Gate, just across from Hyde Park)... Read More


By Gurpreet Thathy | 26 May 2022

In a recent Quantum Group social event Gurpreet Thathy represented VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED and joined the rest of the group in a spot of bowling at the All Star Lanes, Westfield White City. Whilst it was... Read More

Always busy...

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

This week has and remains busy with a variety of tasks being conducted by the team. Although Client taskings will always take priority, here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED we are keen advocates... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Yesterday, I had a meeting with Simon P. Wagstaff BEM who is the CEO of the ASA Group. The ASA Group provide similar services to VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, but concentrate in Asia.  It’s great to... Read More

Hotel Security

By Gurpreet Thathy | 26 May 2022

Last week our director of cyber security and countermeasures, Gurpreet Thathy was on an overseas task for a client. The job went well and the client was happy with the findings recommendations... Read More

St Georges Day

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Tomorrow is St. George’s Day and here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, we like to celebrate our patron saint. St. George's Day used to be a national holiday in England. It is now... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Today is the 96th birthday of Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth. On behalf of everyone here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, we would like to wish Her Majesty The Queen a very happy... Read More

Personal Security

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

This week, I am training a client in the art of counter surveillance (CS). A skill I was taught by the Security Services and the Police. During the training the client... Read More

Background checks

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, one of the services we provide are background checks on individuals. This became a valuable resource during my police career, especially during the onset of online dating. Many... Read More

Surveillance task

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Earlier this week, I was on a task for a client in the Mayfair area. After the task, I walked around the local area and stumbled across Grosvenor Chapel in South... Read More

Another busy day

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

Yesterday was a typically busy day, here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED. In the morning, Gurpreet Thathy, Mike Moran M Syl and I had a Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM), ‘bug sweeping’ operation in south London. Gurpreet... Read More

Staff Cybersecurity issues

By Simon Lincoln | 26 May 2022

With over 90% of successful cyber-attacks requiring human interaction, your employees are now the number one point of entry for cybercriminals looking to harm your organisation. In most cases, they... Read More

TSCM in south London

By Simon Lincoln | 13 Apr 2022

This morning, we are in south London with a client who required our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) services; aka ‘Bug Sweeping’.  The client recently had renovation work completed in... Read More

Rural Crime

By Simon Lincoln | 11 Apr 2022

Rural crime is a long-standing issue within the UK and it relates to farms, agriculture, wildlife, the environment and heritage sites. Criminals are often not caught due to a limited... Read More

Technical abuse in the domestic environment

By Simon Lincoln | 08 Apr 2022

Technological advances have allowed ‘intimate-partner-violence’ to take new forms, including access to private information, control over online accounts, and the use of electronic devices to track one’s whereabouts. If you are... Read More

Digital Forensics

By Gurpreet Thathy | 07 Apr 2022

Digital Forensics (DF) is one of VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED’s key service offerings. In this article, Gurpreet Thathy, Valkyrie’s director of Cyber Security and Electronic Counter Measures, provides an overview of the Service Valkyrie’s... Read More

TSCMi 'Antiques'

By Simon Lincoln | 07 Apr 2022

In a previous post on 28th March this year, I mentioned Valkyrie were conducting an audit of our TSCMi equipment and posted an image of a ‘search mirror’ set which... Read More

Monthly Strategy Meeting

By Simon Lincoln | 05 Apr 2022

Yesterday, we had our monthly Valkyrie strategy meeting to discuss all aspects of the business, services we provide, current operations and potential work in the pipeline. Dave Webb gave an update... Read More

The Falklands war 40 years on - Remembrance

By Simon Lincoln | 04 Apr 2022

The Falklands war 40 years on - Remembrance   On the 2nd April 1982, the UK entered a battle arena 8,000 miles from our shores. The Falkland Islands relationship to Britain... Read More

Another busy week

By Dave Webb | 04 Apr 2022

Another busy week at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED.   On Tuesday, we were in Surrey bug sweeping a client’s residential property. In addition to the sweep, Simon Lincoln interviewed the Client as they were involved in... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 31 Mar 2022

Yesterday, I was working in and around Huntingdon, on the instructions of a client.  I was told that Huntingdon was a lovely town – I was not disappointed!  I came... Read More

Coffee and dogs

By Simon Lincoln | 30 Mar 2022

Here at Valkyrie, I am often posting invitations to join us for coffee in our offices in Belgrave Square.  We recently had a visitor who was very keen in my... Read More

Emergency Relocation Procedure

By Dave Webb | 30 Mar 2022

An Emergency Relocation Plan (ERP)/check list There are many reasons why someone may need to relocate in an emergency e.g. violent partner, threat to life etc. An Emergency Relocation Plan (ERP) should... Read More

TSCM Equipment

By Gurpreet Thathy | 30 Mar 2022

With ever advancing technology threats constantly changing, so the equipment to counter these threats needs to evolve to keep up; something we are very conscious of at @Valkyrie. Our director... Read More

A busy week

By Simon Lincoln | 25 Mar 2022

Another busy week here at Valkyrie!  Bug sweeping, client meetings and surveillance work has kept us occupied.  The weather has been glorious this week and we even had a visit... Read More

Lapsus$ Group

By Gurpreet Thathy | 24 Mar 2022

Microsoft on Tuesday confirmed that the LAPSUS$ extortion-focused hacking crew had gained "limited access" to its systems, as authentication services provider Okta revealed that nearly 2.5% of its customers have been potentially... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 23 Mar 2022

Pictured here is David Webb, the Managing Director here at Valkyrie and my good self.  As the weather is glorious today, we decided to conduct our weekly meeting on the... Read More

The Brompton

By Dave Webb | 22 Mar 2022

More and more people are heading back to their offices and here at @Valkyrie, we are conducting a lot more TSCM-inspections (bug sweeps) and security audits in preparation of commuters... Read More

What to do before & after a Cyber breach

By Gurpreet Thathy | 21 Mar 2022

What to do before & after a Cyber breach – the basics: What are cyber-attacks and there potential impact:  An attack typically involves a deliberate entry by a 3rd party into... Read More

Teams Malware

By Simon Lincoln | 18 Mar 2022

Thanks mainly to the COVID pandemic, Microsoft Teams has seen a rapid rise in people logging in each day with it now boasting over 270 million monthly active users globally. Microsoft Teams is... Read More

St. Patrick's Day

By Simon Lincoln | 17 Mar 2022

It’s St. Patrick’s Day today (17th March) and friends and colleagues will no doubt be getting together to celebrate in style. It’s an opportunity to have some fun at the... Read More

London Squares

By Simon Lincoln | 17 Mar 2022

Before the leaves return to the trees, here at Valkyrie, we are fortunate to be able to see into the gardens in Belgrave Square. Squares are one of the defining features of London.... Read More

Plan B

By Simon Lincoln | 15 Mar 2022

Plan for the unexpected and always have a plan B We grow up – inevitably – with a strong attachment to a plan A, that is, an idea of how our... Read More

A busy weekend

By Simon Lincoln | 14 Mar 2022

Another busy weekend for the Valkyrie team – large central London office TSCM bug sweep plus building security assessment and a trip to Twickenham (England v’s Ireland) with a Client... Read More

Fake News

By Dave Webb | 11 Mar 2022

Fake news! Fake news refers to deliberate untruths, or stories that contain some truth but which aren't completely accurate, by accident or design. Some people also claim that truthful stories are... Read More


By Gurpreet Thathy | 10 Mar 2022

The TSCMi team VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED have been busy in recent weeks as a lot of our clients are now either returning to offices or adopting hybrid work patterns. Clients have been... Read More

Belgrave Square

By Dave Webb | 10 Mar 2022

Here at Valkyrie we are very lucky to have our offices in Belgrave Square.  Our Managing Director, Dave Webb, enjoys running around Hyde Park and took this photo on his... Read More

International Women's Day 2022

By Simon Lincoln | 08 Mar 2022

The attached image gives examples of the fantastic publications Valkyrie have appeared in during the last 12 months.  Today, is International Women’s Day and here at Valkyrie we would like... Read More

The nefarious use of covert surveillance devices at holiday home rentals

By Mike Moran & Gurpreet Thathy | 07 Mar 2022

The rise of home rental services such as Airbnb has been swift in changing the way we holiday but there is a potential sinister side too. Multiple Airbnb travellers have reported... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 04 Mar 2022

Recently, here at Valkyrie, we had a call from a client who thought they were about to be a victim of cuckooing.  Cuckooing is a form of crime, termed by the... Read More

Exhibits Training

By Simon Lincoln | 03 Mar 2022

In this image, we are conducting refresher training on how to seize, audit and store exhibits often referred to as ‘the evidence chain’.  One of the main factors for losing... Read More

Anti Social Behaviour Orders

By Simon Lincoln | 02 Mar 2022

In 1999, I was the first police officer in the UK to successfully get an anti-social behaviour order (ASBO) through the courts to a conviction.  Since then, ASBOs and the... Read More

Blowing the Bloody Doors Off

By Simon Lincoln | 01 Mar 2022

Following on from my close protection article on 6th January this year, and before I started to work for Valkyrie, I had a stint of living on the Isle of... Read More

Apple Airtag

By Simon Lincoln | 28 Feb 2022

Following on from our article on 19th January this year, and since the release of Apple’s Bluetooth-based tracking gadget AirTag, there have been several complaints of the device being used... Read More

Ukraine Crisis

By Dave Webb | 28 Feb 2022

Over the past weeks/days there has been much said and written about Ukraine and the ‘likely’ Putin invasion, including by us at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED in regards to Cyber-attack concerns. The second... Read More

Identity Fraud

By Dave Webb | 28 Feb 2022

Identity fraud, or ‘ID theft’, involves the use of a person’s stolen details to commit crime. Many victims never find out exactly how someone got hold of their details and... Read More


By Gurpreet Thathy | 16 Mar 2022

Gurpreet Thathy, our Director of Cyber Security and Electronic Counter Measures in the office earlier preparing a TSCM ‘go kit’ for a Client. Clients often request a bespoke security solution especially... Read More

Strong-Customer-Authentication (SCA) rules to be implemented – 14th March

By Dave Webb | 28 Feb 2022

Strong-Customer-Authentication (SCA) rules to be implemented – 14th March Over the coming weeks online shoppers in the UK can expect more identity checks and possibly more card-declined messages as retailers ready... Read More

Ukraine Crisis

By Dave Webb | 28 Feb 2022

Our previous post (2nd Feb) asked the question whether the UK was at risk of Russian cyber-attack over Ukraine support. As the situation in Ukraine continues to escalate and remains... Read More

National Archives

By Simon Lincoln | 18 Feb 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we occasionally have requests from clients to trace historical records of loved ones.  Be it military records, ancestry enquiries or information about a persons life.  Although the... Read More

Terrorism Advice

By Simon Lincoln | 17 Feb 2022

The threat to the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland) from terrorism is SUBSTANTIAL.  LOW means an attack is highly unlikely MODERATE means an attack is possible, but not likely SUBSTANTIAL... Read More

TSCM Briefing

By Simon Lincoln | 16 Feb 2022

This morning, here at Valkyrie, we had the exciting task to brief one of our clients on our TSCM (bug sweeping) capabilities.  The photograph shows Dave Webb, Valkyrie Managing Director,... Read More

The Tinder Swindler

By Simon Lincoln | 15 Feb 2022

SWIPE LEFT Since our romance fraud post last year, this heart-breaking crime has been trending within the media and is prevalent worldwide.  Following on from our post on 11th November last... Read More

Identity Theft

By Dave Webb | 14 Feb 2022

Identity fraud and theft: Identity fraud, or ‘ID theft’, involves the use of a person’s stolen details to commit crime. Many victims never find out exactly how someone got hold of... Read More

Special Branch

By Simon Lincoln | 11 Feb 2022

Most of my police career was spent in Special Branch.  The first Special Branch, or Special Irish Branch, as it was then known, was a unit of London's Metropolitan Police formed in March... Read More

Distraction Burglary

By Simon Lincoln | 10 Feb 2022

In my previous life, I was a detective in central London and for a time, I was assigned to the Burglary Squad.  A very traumatic crime was distraction burglary, also... Read More

Female Fraud Forum

By Gurpreet Thathy | 09 Feb 2022

'Technology in Investigations', the first education event of 2022 from the Female Fraud Forum, took place at 6pm, 8 February at Ince Gordon Dadds LLP, Aldgate Tower (one of the... Read More

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2022

By Dave Webb | 08 Feb 2022

Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week 2022 The 7th-13th February is recognised as Sexual Abuse and Sexual Violence Awareness Week. This annual event is dedicated to bringing together organisations and communities... Read More

Corporate Espionage

By Gurpreet Thathy | 07 Feb 2022

Corporate Espionage – signs to look out for It's a challenge knowing when and how competitors steal secret business information. If you suspect that your business has been a target of corporate... Read More


By Dave Webb | 04 Feb 2022

This cheered us up on a wet Friday morning and we thought we’d share it with you!   One of our surveillance teams took this image in South-West London on the way... Read More

Corporate Aircraft - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM)

By Mike Moran | 03 Feb 2022

Corporate Aircraft - Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM):   Aircraft TSCM inspections are designed to assure privacy to aircraft owners and occupants. Whether the aircraft is new, used, or a chartered jet, privacy... Read More

Is the UK at risk of Russian cyberattacks over Ukraine support?

By Simon Lincoln | 02 Feb 2022

Organisations and large businesses across the UK are being urged to boost their defences against potential cyberattacks linked to tensions between Russia and Ukraine. The warning from the National Cyber Security... Read More

Security during and after lockdown

By Mike Moran & Gurpreet Thathy | 01 Feb 2022

Security during and after lockdown While on lockdown, businesses and individuals must think about their unoccupied premises and possessions. Now that we are coming out of this lockdown and going back... Read More

Travel Security

By Dave Webb | 31 Jan 2022

Travel security: Here at Valkyrie, we have had enquiries about travelling overseas and personal security.  Due to the easing of Covid restrictions, many of our clients have been asking us about... Read More

Catalytic converters

By Dave Webb | 28 Jan 2022

Catalytic converters are devices fitted to vehicle exhausts to reduce the amount of dangerous gases emitted. They are often targeted by thieves as they contain valuable metals and can be removed... Read More

Tempus Magazine

By Simon Lincoln | 27 Jan 2022

Valkyrie are proud to feature within Tempus Magazine.  Please click the link to see our article within issue 77. https://issuu.com/vantagemedialimited/docs/t77_issuu/48  The article features an interview by Valkyrie’s CEO and founder,... Read More


By Gurpreet Thathy | 26 Jan 2022

We are still being tracked (‘cookies’) – time for more anonymity?  Director of Cyber Security and Technical Surveillance and Counter Measures Gurpreet S. Thathy reviews cookies’ privacy and security implications and... Read More

London Borough Crime Rates

By Simon Lincoln | 25 Jan 2022

“Is London dangerous?” “How dangerous is London?” “Is London a safe place to visit?” These are common questions that anyone visiting London for the first time might have. Perhaps you’ve accepted a new... Read More

Cash Trapping

By Dave Webb | 24 Jan 2022

In December 2021, Nationwide Building Society issued a warning over 'cash trapping' scam at ATMs and how to spot it.   ATM ‘cash trapping’ is one method used by criminals to attack... Read More

Thomas Cubitt

By Simon Lincoln | 21 Jan 2022

As many of you know, Valkyrie are based at 15 Belgrave Square, London.  Thomas Cubitt, a master builder, was commissioned in 1824 by Richard Grosvenor, 2nd Marquess of Westminster, to create... Read More

Close Protection

By Simon Lincoln | 20 Jan 2022

Here at Valkyrie, I was recently engaged in a Close Protection (CP) operation in London where the client, in the film business, required our services.  Before filming, I took him... Read More

Apple AirTag

By Simon Lincoln | 19 Jan 2022

In December last year, a story went viral on Twitter about the Apple AirTag. A lady named Jeana recounted how she discovered an AirTag had been stuck underneath the front passenger wheel well... Read More

Female Fraud Forum

By Simon Lincoln | 18 Jan 2022

The Female Fraud Forum (FFF) is an association aimed at solicitors, barristers, investigators and accountants who work in financial regulation and the criminal and civil fraud sector. Their purpose is to promote and encourage... Read More

Threats and Risks in 2022

By Dave Webb | 17 Jan 2022

It's already been a troubled start to 2022 for the global economy, with the Omicron variant of Covid-19 disrupting a range of industries. In this article, Valkyrie looks ahead to... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 14 Jan 2022

Here at Valkyrie, we had a field trip to Slough to meet about our Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) capabilities; or bug sweeping, as it’s better known.  Gurpreet, Dave, Mike... Read More

Wallet / purse advice

By Dave Webb | 13 Jan 2022

What should and shouldn’t you carry in your wallet/purse:   If your wallet/purse gets stolen, whether it's an inconvenience or a disaster will depend on what you've got in it. You get... Read More

Cyber Security

By Gurpreet Thathy | 12 Jan 2022

Cyber security concerns 2022:   The cyber security landscape is rapidly evolving, and business leaders must adapt to manage these changes effectively. With 2022 upon us, Gurpreet Thathy, Valkyrie’s director of... Read More

Gym Security

By Simon Lincoln | 11 Jan 2022

Gym Security: For your own security, it is more advisable to visit the gym in your training kit and to leave your valuables at home, but if this isn’t an... Read More

Home Security

By Dave Webb | 10 Jan 2022

Be careful where you locate your door keys when you lock up – in the lock is not a good idea:   A Locksmith Colleague of Valkyrie sent me the below images... Read More

Lord Melchett

By Simon Lincoln | 07 Jan 2022

At our offices at 15 Belgrave Square, we share the building with the Society of Chemical Industry (SCI).  When I started working for Valkyrie in September 2021, I was pleased... Read More

Close Protection Services

By Simon Lincoln | 06 Jan 2022

Valkyrie – Close Protection Services Here at Valkyrie, we offer the services of Close Protection Officers (CPOs) or bodyguards as they are commonly known.  After leaving the police, I was a... Read More

Revenge Porn

By Simon Lincoln | 05 Jan 2022

Revenge Porn   Revenge Porn is the sharing of private, sexual materials, either photos or videos, of another person, without their consent and with the purpose of causing embarrassment or distress. The... Read More

Gurpreet Thathy

By Dave Webb | 04 Jan 2022

Valkyrie GB Ltd. are delighted to announce an addition to our team, Gurpreet Thathy.   Gurpreet will take up the position of Director of Cyber Security and Technical Surveillance and Counter... Read More

Happy New Year!

By Simon Lincoln | 04 Jan 2022

Happy New Year from all of us at Valkyrie... Read More


By Dave Webb | 04 Jan 2022

On this day (21 Dec) 1988 Pan American Flight 103, a Boeing 747 took off from London Heathrow bound for New York with 243 passengers and 16 crew members. After a... Read More

Armed Forces Covenant

By Dave Webb | 04 Jan 2022

With Valkyrie’s roots firmly in the Armed Forces, we are proud to have signed the Armed Forces Covenant in 2019. Currently, we have the Bronze award but anticipate Silver in the... Read More

ATM Safety

By Dave Webb | 17 Dec 2021

ATM Safety: How to get cash and minimise risk:   We live in a digital world, but sometimes you still need cash, and the easiest way to get money is often from... Read More

Valkyrie Christmas Fun Day

By Simon Lincoln | 16 Dec 2021

On Friday of last week, Valkyrie were part of a conference and Christmas fun day with other groups within our structure, which was held at Valkyrie’s offices at 15 Belgrave... Read More

National Cyber Strategy

By Simon Lincoln | 15 Dec 2021

A new National Cyber Strategy has been announced, setting out how we will protect and promote UK interests in rapidly evolving online world. Today (Wednesday 15th December) the Government has published... Read More

Christmas and Terrorism

By Dave Webb | 14 Dec 2021

The High Street  – the terrorism risk and management planning As high streets, bars and restaurants become busy again, the UK Counter Terrorism and Metropolitan Police have warned of the increased... Read More

Penetration Testing

By Dave Webb | 13 Dec 2021

What is Physical Penetration Testing:   Physical Penetration Testing (PPT) is a method to test the current security processes and protocols that your company employs and to test the compliance of your... Read More

Password Security

By Dave Webb | 10 Dec 2021

Data breaches and identity theft are on the rise, and the cause is often compromised passwords. After stealing credentials, cybercriminals can use passwords to start disinformation campaigns against companies, use... Read More

Valkyrie meets The Valkyrie

By Simon Lincoln | 09 Dec 2021

Valkyrie meets The Valkyrie! This week, I went to the English National Opera with a client to see Wagner’s The Valkyrie.  The seeds of a final apocalypse are sown in Wagner’s epic... Read More

Home Security over Christmas

By Simon Lincoln | 08 Dec 2021

As the Christmas holiday season is upon us, many of us will be going away to see family and friends.  Valkyrie have guidance as to keeping your home safe while... Read More

Dog Theft

By Simon Lincoln | 07 Dec 2021

Dog theft It’s been reported dog thefts in the UK have increased by almost a fifth during lockdown - with up to seven pets being reported stolen each day in 2020. We... Read More

Conflict Resolution

By Dave Webb | 06 Dec 2021

Conflict Resolution and Resolution with Members of the General Public   Advice for teams or individuals who might come in contact with the public. When attending public meetings consider: Is the subject matter likely... Read More

Fun Friday Quiz

By Simon Lincoln | 03 Dec 2021

1.  Why is it necessary for everyone to have a good understanding of Information Security policies and procedures?  A. It helps protect users from being victims of security incidents. B. It provides an understanding... Read More

Situational Awareness

By Dave Webb | 02 Dec 2021

Situational Awareness Our lives move at a considerably faster pace these days, often encountering a number of distractions along the way on a regular basis. This combined with the rise... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 02 Dec 2021

Valkyrie   The word Valkyrie has been used for many things since its original meaning during Norse mythology. Valkyrie, also spelled Walkyrie, Old Norse Valkyrja (“Chooser of the Slain”), in Norse mythology, are a group... Read More

New Cyber Laws

By Simon Lincoln | 30 Nov 2021

New cyber laws to protect people’s personal tech from hackers Consumers will be better protected from attacks by hackers on their phones, tablets, smart TVs, fitness trackers and other internet-connectable devices... Read More

Women are more successful

By Dave Webb | 29 Nov 2021

Women are more successful   The total number of high net worth individuals (HNWI) continues to grow at the significant rate of around 5% per year, with 15.4 million HNWIs around... Read More

Black Friday Advice

By Simon Lincoln | 26 Nov 2021

Today is Black Friday!  Black Friday and Cyber Monday have established themselves as the most crucial holiday shopping dates in the year. However, COVID-19 anxiety is reshaping how shoppers approach the season. It causes... Read More

Christmas security advice

By Dave Webb | 25 Nov 2021

Security advice for the holiday season   The weeks leading up to the Christmas holidays and new year are some of the busiest of the year. Unfortunately for a dishonest few, the... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 24 Nov 2021

Dave Webb and I had a great evening in The Horse and Groom in Belgravia networking with colleagues from Stoneturn (www.stoneturn.com/uk), specifically from the Business Intelligence and Investigation Team. Stoneturn is... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 23 Nov 2021

I joined Valkyrie in September 2021 and am thoroughly enjoying it!  I thought I’d put a face to a name – so here I am!  I am usually found on... Read More

Burglar tactics

By Simon Lincoln | 22 Nov 2021

Being an ex burglary detective within the Metropolitan Police, I have noticed burglaries typically rise by 15% in October and November as the dark nights set in.  Having a visible... Read More

Advice regarding spiked drinks

By Dave Webb | 19 Nov 2021

Almost 200 drink spiking incidents have been reported to police forces across the UK in September and October, the National Police Chiefs’ Council (NPCC) said. The NPCC said there have been... Read More


By Simon Lincoln | 18 Nov 2021

Have you recently received an email that includes tiny font? A phishing campaign involving tiny font is making its way around the web. The One Font campaign, as it’s known,... Read More

History of Belgravia

By Simon Lincoln | 17 Nov 2021

Belgravia was known as the 'Five Fields' during the Tudor Period and became a dangerous place due to highwaymen and robberies. It was developed in the early 19th century by Richard Grosvenor, 2nd Marquess... Read More

Risks Facing High Net Worth Individuals

By Simon Lincoln | 16 Nov 2021

Risks Facing High Net Worth (HNW) Families/individuals:  From cyber risks to global travel to kidnapping, HNW families have a host of risks to manage - they face many risks due... Read More

Serious Security Incident Considerations

By Dave Webb | 24 May 2022

Liverpool incident – UPDATE to previous post The prime minister has chaired a Cobra meeting - 2 points to note the incident has been declared as a terrorist incident, the police... Read More

Valkyrie Cyber Concierge Programme (VCC)

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

Valkyrie Cyber Concierge Programme (VCC)   We give our clients the peace of mind they deserve You may not notice when a data breach has occurred. Even if you have been targeted by... Read More

Public WiFi Risks

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

Reasons to avoid using public WiFi When connecting to WiFi in public places such as cafes and airports, the risks you take are often too significant to make the benefits worthwhile.... Read More

Physical Security

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

Your physical security Information security is rightly focused on by businesses in keeping information safe from theft. However, digital threats are not the only ones that pose a risk. Physical attacks... Read More

Concept of Operations

By Dave Webb | 12 Nov 2021

In the Military a Concept-of-Operations (CONOPS) is a high-level document that can be used in a variety of scenarios but is generally a description (graphic and wording) of how a... Read More

Remembrance Day

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

Remembrance is a special time of the year for Valkyrie due to our military and services association.   Remembrance honours those who serve to defend our democratic freedoms and way of life. We... Read More

Tatler Condé Nast

By Dave Webb | 12 Nov 2021

We are part of the prestigious Tatler / Condé Nast Address Book. On our page on their website it reads, 'Valkyrie fully understands that threats to your personal security and reputation... Read More

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

If you have concerns regarding potential eavesdropping/bugging, Valkyrie would suggest that TSCM sweeping of all potentially vulnerable locations takes place (offices, residences, vehicles, aircraft etc.). Valkyrie can perform sweeping as... Read More

Valkyrie Services

By Dave Webb | 12 Nov 2021

Investigations, intelligence and surveillance   Valkyrie offer a highly professional and wide-ranging investigation, intelligence and surveillance capability, with a reputation for resolving complex problems.   For the past 10 years, Valkyrie has delivered discreet,... Read More

15 Belgrave Square

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

15 Belgrave Square is Valkyrie's home. Come and visit us. We'll make you a hot drink and show you around our excellent offices. It'll be great to put faces to... Read More

Valkyrie's move

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

In the summer of 2021, we moved from 22 South Audley Street to our new offices at 15 Belgrave Square.  22 South Audley Street will always be Valkyrie’s spiritual home. ... Read More


By Dave Webb | 12 Nov 2021

Conti Ransomware   Ransomware groups such as Conti are targeting high net worth individuals (HNWI) with the intention to disclose personal information in return for money.   Recently, Conti have targeted the jewellery firm,... Read More


By Dave Webb | 12 Nov 2021

Stalking/Harassment   Harassment is extremely unpleasant and malicious behaviour that causes upset and distress – and it’s something no one should put up with. 80% of victims of stalking are female... Read More

Property Fraud

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

What is property fraud? Because homes are worth so much and can be sold and used to raise a mortgage, they are often targeted by fraudsters. It was reported in 2019 that in... Read More

Valkyrie Training

By Simon Lincoln | 12 Nov 2021

Our co-founder and CEO, Floyd Woodrow MBE DCM LLB, is passionate about training as highlighted on one of his most recent LinkedIn posts: “I have always believed that the key... Read More

Romance Fraud

By Simon Lincoln | 11 Nov 2021

Romance Fraud Romance scams involve people being duped into sending money to criminals who go to great lengths to gain their trust and convince them that they are in a genuine... Read More

Twitter Hacking

By Dave Webb | 10 Nov 2021

In what is being described as the biggest Twitter hack of all time, and potentially one of the largest cyber incidents of all time, many high-profile Twitter accounts have been... Read More

Mobile Security Threats Companies Should Take Seriously

By Dave Webb | 10 Nov 2021

Mobile security threats company’s should take seriously Mobile security is at the top of every company's concern list and for good reason. Nearly all employees now routinely access corporate data utilising... Read More

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) Post-Lockdown

By Dave Webb | 11 Nov 2021

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (TSCM) post lockdown   The Covid-19 situation (lockdown) has created a variety of security challenges, this includes Privacy and information security. Companies have been forced to scale back... Read More

Post-Lockdown Street Security

By Dave Webb | 22 Jun 2020

Street security post lockdown:    During the lockdown, the UK has seen less reported crime (down more than a quarter during the pandemic) as people have followed Government advice and remained indoors, with... Read More

Frauds and Scams

By Dave Webb | 20 Jun 2020

From phishing emails to the new coronavirus tracking app, the coronavirus crisis has provided the perfect breeding ground for fraudsters. Latest figures show that scammers have cheated victims out of... Read More

The Dark Web

By Dave Webb | 11 Nov 2021

Most people have heard of the ‘dark web’ and the stories of the criminal activity that takes place on it. For the most part, these stories are true. However, there is... Read More

Returning To Work Following COVID-19 Closures

By Dave Webb | 11 Nov 2021

Returning to work following COVID-19 closures   The UK Government’s roadmap for re-opening business sets out when various sectors of business can reopen, and employees return. Office workers should continue to work... Read More

Increasing Security By Intelligence

By Dave Webb | 27 May 2020

Increasing security by Intelligence   The complexity and volume of today’s security threats requires a more proactive approach for effective prevention and mitigation. Forward thinking security teams realise the importance of understanding... Read More

Cloud Security Configuration Review Service

By Dave Webb | 19 May 2020

Cloud Security Configuration Review   Many cloud environments are not appropriately configured or use hardened images, and therefore allow unauthorised access. There is an assumption that cloud environments are secure by default; they are not. It is now common to... Read More

Home Security Advice and Tips

By Dave Webb | 18 May 2020

Home Security Advice and Tips   Most of us have relaxed our attitudes towards property crime while in lockdown. However, being at home more doesn’t necessarily equate to better protection against crime.... Read More

Advice On Protecting Your Business Premises During the COVID-19 Lockdown

By Dave Webb | 11 Nov 2021

Valkyrie Security advice to protect your business premises during the COVID-19 lockdown   As many businesses continue to adapt to working remotely, hundreds of thousands of commercial properties are being left vacant... Read More

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