Valkyrie reveals cyber security trends for 2024

Valkyrie cyber security trends 2024
Valkyrie cyber security trends 2024

Happy New Year! As we enter 2024, Gurpreet Singh Thathy, Valkyrie’s Cyber Security Director, outlines key trends that are likely to shape the cyber security landscape. The impact of AI in 2023, facilitated by tools like ChatGPT, presented challenges to online privacy/security increasing the threat of scams, extortion and disinformation, while simultaneously creating opportunities in the security software industry. Additionally, there is intense competition to upgrade encryption to meet post-quantum demands

Looking ahead, anticipated changes in phishing/Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks influenced by Dark Web data, multi-stage-assaults, driven by sophisticated AI strategies, are poised to become potent threats. AI, specifically generative phishing and machine learning-driven fuzzing, challenges detection methods

In the realm of ‘AI PCs’ and Endpoint Dynamics, 2024 introduces a revolutionary phase, emphasising a delicate balance between innovation and security

In the legal sector, 2024 marks a transformative year, with a focus on scaling detection and implementing robust risk mitigation. Managing insider threats will be a central concern for all organisations, necessitating the implementation of strategies to prevent credential and data exploitation from within

The cybersecurity sector faces a critical challenge, a growing skills gap. As cyber threats advance, the demand for skilled professionals rises, yet a noticeable shortage persists, posing risks to organisations and global cyber infrastructure. It is essential firms employ the right advisors with the right skillset

Cybersecurity insurance is now mainstream. Organisations use it to mitigate financial risks associated with data breaches and cyber-attacks. However, insurance costs are significantly tied to an organisation’s cybersecurity posture

The authentication landscape shifts in 2024, with Multi-factor Authentication becoming standard, leading to passwordless trends. Passkeys, biometrics, and public-key cryptography redefine authentication to adapt to the evolving threat landscape

Globally, governments intensify efforts to shape a new era of Internet regulation, anticipate more regulatory developments. A comprehensive AI-Act gains momentum globally, with the EU’s consensus likely establishing an international standard

Despite reduced new restrictions, concerns about global internet shutdowns persist. Navigating potential disruptions and ensuring the stability of online services remain priorities for governments and businesses

Navigating the cybersecurity landscape in 2024 is anticipated to pose challenges and uncertainties. Previous issues, coupled with emerging trends, should serve as guiding factors for organisations as they approach cyber/digital security in the year ahead. Key advice – “be proactive” across all aspects of cybersecurity to effectively safeguard your business

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