Another busy week here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED – Several tasking completed including a London based TSCM/bug sweep for a client – the house had recently been renovated with the family planning to move in shortly. They tasked us with a full security audit of the property including a bug sweep to ensure the building was secure from both any physical vulnerabilities and cyber threats – excellent proactivity from the client. After several hours on task, we found no threat. During the sweep we also gave the client a briefing on the types of bugging devices that can be used in order to improve his understanding of the threat and what to look out for when travelling and utilising un-swept properties and rooms. We left the house confident in the knowledge that the client’s property was secure, he was better informed of the eavesdropping threat and the property was free from any eavesdropping devices.

If you would like to know more about our extensive bug sweeping capabilities, or any other of our services, please contact us at security@valkyrie.co.uk or telephone 02074 999 323.

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