Training and Equipment Check

At Valkyrie, our clients value our multi-disciplinary approach. Recently we have been tasked with a large security review of residential property overseas, a cyber security review of all the infrastructure within the property, endpoint security checks and due to the circumstances that triggered the tasking we will also provide a short training package to the clients family covering online reputation, privacy, situation awareness, personal security, and lifestyle security and behavioural patterns. Whilst abroad in the same country another client requested a TSCM so we will combine the taskings. Yesterday, prior to heading off we checked the serviceability of all the equipment required for the taskings, this is vitally important as highlighted in our previous post earlier in the month. While preparing for the tasking we also took the opportunity to routinely sweep our offices, the offices have been busy in recent weeks so we regularly sweep them to ensure they are clean and bug-free, it’s always important to ‘practice what you preach’ and the sweeping of our offices provides us the ideal training opportunity.

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