The Oscar

As mentioned in previous posts this week the VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED team have been busy with several matters this week, this included a team in Germany for 3 days. Yesterday, a client called asking if we were available to conduct a short-notice sweep of a hotel conference room and also provide live monitoring of the room in London whilst a board level meeting took place. The team deployed the following day.

We swept the room and it was clean, we then set up our equipment next door to conduct the monitoring. During the monitoring our RF specialist noticed a spike on the OSCAR (Spectrum Analyzer designed to detect illicit eavesdropping signals), and we could hear the board meeting taking place when we honed in. We were concerned, thinking that somebody had bought an eavesdropping device or, worse, we had missed something during the sweep. So, we spoke to our contact, who in turn asked the client to take a coffee break while we investigated. When we returned to the room, we identified that the wireless microphone system within the hotel conference room was being used, despite the team telling the client not to use them. A small example highlighting that it’s not always someone planting a device; the simple misconfiguration of equipment currently in use leaves you vulnerable to a potential security breach. The client was happy and relieved as were the Valkyrie team – the meeting concluded with no further disruptions.

Have a great weekend!

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