Search Order Assistance

Search Order Assistance

Here at VALKYRIE (GB) LIMITED, the cyber and forensics team have been busy assisting with a Search Order for one of our clients. Going onsite and executing a Search Order is difficult enough as there are many unknowns. However, it is often forgotten how much planning goes into assisting with a Search Order with lawyers. Each time we are involved in actioning a Search Order the Valkyrie team ensure they are involved from the outset – assisting with the required documentation and wordings on the technical side so the legal team is armed with the necessary information, which assists with getting the best possible result and evidence.

Three key points to consider from the Valkyrie Director of Cyber Security and Electronic Counter Measures, Gurpreet Thathy:

1.      In all cases there is an electronic device involved – get a technical advisor involved from the outset

2.      Always try and think ahead. Having a technical person is not the same as being an expert witness – your tech person may be requested for a witness statement or give evidence so choose your expert carefully

3.      Remember you’re going into an unknown environment. Try and get surveillance or intelligence on your target if at all possible. It can assist in planning – check on this with the legal team

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